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“Some things in life seek equal prominence - at the very same moment & there’s no way out but to give the undivided & unswitched attention it seeks. Preserving the multitude of choices, MIUI 9 Developer ROM tomorrow will introduce - Split Screen Mode for Redmi Note 3.”

Some things in life seek equal prominence - at the very same moment, and there’s no way out but to give the undivided attention it seeks. Quoting the original article back, “We all encounter and go through one common universal experience in day to day life: Choices! At MIUI, we believe in preserving the multitude of possibilities, we don't want you to force to choose between your two favorite apps, especially when you need them both and hence, we are introducing a new feature called split screen mode” but wait, this time it’s for Redmi Note 3.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right! With upcoming Developer version, Redmi Note 3 will have split screen mode feature, let’s check out more details below.
How to use split-screen mode
  • Click the ‘menu’ button (first physical button) to go to recent app panel.
  • Press ‘Split Screen Mode’ on top.
  • Select the app and drag it to the upper part of the screen as instructed.
  • Tap any app from the list which will be your second app.
  • There you go, both the apps will be in split screen mode.

Drag the app in the upper corner, simple approach

Select your second app or change it from recent

Resize as you like

One press to exit

How do I resize the visible window?
Tap and hold the black horizontal line in the middle and drag it up or down to suit your preferred size

Can I switch the first app to something else, without leaving split screen mode?
No, the first app serves as a reference to the other apps. Clicking the menu button will give you choice to switch to the bottom app from the recent panel.

How do I exit from the split screen mode?
Click the menu button (first physical button) and press ‘Exit split screen mode’

I get a message saying that ‘app isn’t supported’, what should I do?
Depending on the app framework it has been built upon not all the apps will be supported for now. But, sooner or later it will be supported by their developers.

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