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[News] SevenHugs' HugOne : A Sleep Tracker For Whole Family!

2018-03-11 10:11:37
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Hello, Mi Fans.

There are dozens of apps and gadgets dedicated solely to monitoring your sleep. Sure, Fitbit and other known Bands can track your sleep, but what about your loved ones? Maybe your snoring is keeping your significant other awake, as you dutifully get your eight hours. Meanwhile, who knows what’s going on with the kids? Sevenhugs wanted to give people a more complete picture of how everyone is family is sleeping, so it created hugOne, the world’s first family smart home sleep system.

The HugOne is designed to improve rhythm and quality of sleep. Its aim is to keep the entire family’s sleep cycles in sync. This will minimize both children’s and parents’ chance of being deprived of much-needed rest. Hopefully, the end result is a happier home. Consisting of the sleek and modern-looking base station and up to eight mini-sensors (called Minihugs) that can be placed in the corner of beds, HugOne effortlessly manages to collect a wide array of sensor data both from your living room and all your sleeping quarters. To make itself even more appealing, SevenHugs HugOne also has the capability of being a smart remote device that can control how your other IoT and Smart Home devices are operating.

Design And Ergonomics:
  • SevenHugs HugOne basic package consists of a single sleek base station, and two battery powered Minihugs sensors coloured in blue and pink. This setup is enough for sleep tracking of just TWO persons (base station will monitor your bedroom, and two Minihugs under the sheets of you and your partner). However, if you have a large family, you can purchase extra Minihugs, as the base station can accommodate communication to up to eight of these remote sensors.

  • The base station is created from white plastic and see-through stand and can be easily connected to your home WiFi network. All the communication with MiniHugs sensors is done using a proprietary wireless protocol that is established automatically between the base station and remote sensors.

  • The base station has two types of notification lights. The illuminated ring at the top will glow when the device detects poor air quality, while the bottom part of the base will glow when the base station detects what the best time for you to go to bed is.

App SetUp:
  • As part of the design ethos, the SevenHugs HugOne was made to be as simple as possible to set up. As with every sleep tracking product, you’ll need to set up and configure your device first from your phone. It works on both Android and iOS devices, so setup involves downloading the app, signing up for an account with SevenHugs and entering a few details such as gender, height and age.

  • Once you’ve done this, you need to enter your Wifi details, and then assign your first minihug sensor to the primary user. Additional minihugs can be assigned by creating a new profile for each family member.
  • When you’ve assigned all your minihugs, you simply place the sensor in each bed, and the HugOne does all the rest of the work, automatically sensing when you’re in bed, so you don’t have to manually track everyone’s sleep start times.

What Else Can The HugOne Do?
  • Like a reverse alarm clock, the HugOne glows when it’s bedtime. This provides a uniform, well-timed signal that the children will need to sleep. Once your child is asleep, the HugOne stops glowing and starts transmitting data through the MiniHugs which will send out updates. It also closely monitors your children’s sleep patterns. Each of the MiniHugs sends a signal to the HugOne which then tells your smartphone app if your child tosses and turns during the night. If your child leaves the bed, the HugOne tells you immediately.

  • The HugOne also monitors the bedroom’s temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality to help maintain a healthy environment. It will tell you if you maybe need to open a window to let some fresh air in or whether the room is too cold for a good night’s rest.

  • All data coming from the Minihugs will be transmitted to your app so you can have access to all the data regarding your family’s sleep patterns. The app is available for both iOS and Android.
  • The app allows you to keep track of your sleep times and your ‘sleep score’. One of the reasons you wake up woozy and unrefreshed after an alarm goes off is because you wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle. HugOne offers an innovative alarm that helps identify the best moment in your sleep cycle for you to wake up. This way you wake up at the best possible time without having to be late for work.

  • OneHug is also compatible with Phillips Hue light bulbs and Nest Learning thermostat. You can connect it to a smart thermostat to adjust your home to your preferred sleeping temperature. It will automatically go back to your preferred daytime temperature when you wake up. The HugOne can work with the Philips Hue smart bulbs to simulate sunset light. Your Philips Hue lights will slowly fade off to darkness as you fall asleep. Then, it can reverse the process in the morning with a simulated sunrise.

A Small Introduction Video:

So, Friends, If your life is out of sync due to different distractions brought about by different media or simply because you are a parent that cannot put your kids to bed on time, then the HugOne might be for you and your family. HugOne can bring harmony back into the daily cycle of your family life. If you want to buy it, it is available on amazon.

I would love to know your views on this cool gadget so do not forget to comment in the comment box below. See you again with one more cool gadget! Till them take care friends!

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2018-03-11 10:11:37
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kankarwalsan | from Mi 4i


thanks for sharing
2018-03-11 19:27:39
Wow! That's a great gadget
2018-03-11 23:30:03

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Techie Team

meetgour | from Redmi Y1


2018-03-13 04:35:24

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NS@Xiaomi | from Redmi Note 4


cool gadget
2018-03-13 12:47:13
I am with you.
Namaskar !!!

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1599534280 | from Redmi Note 4


awesome product
2018-03-13 19:47:16

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Ashoks | from Redmi 3S


Nice Information
2018-03-13 23:42:42

Master Bunny

1720376765 | from Redmi Note 4


Superb gadget for tracking and maintaining the quality of sleep... Thanks for sharing ...
2018-03-14 09:05:05
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