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MIUI, the commingling formula of Android meets customization, is designed to elevate the user experience with imperative and whizz-bang features. Mi Community is glad to announce the full changelog and download links for MIUI Global Beta ROM 8.3.8.

To serve the best to most users, MIUI comes with two different categories of iterations: MIUI Stable ROM and MIUI Global Beta ROM. Global Beta ROM, the weekly released version with cutting-edge features, serves best to the tech-savvy users. While MIUI Stable ROM focuses more on the stability of available features by holding the introduction of new features for a specific time frame. By default, the device ships with MIUI Stable ROM, you may learn more about MIUI here.

MIUI 9 Global Public Beta Supported Devices
MIUI 9 is now available for Redmi 5A, Redmi Y1/Y1 Lite, Mi MIX 2, Redmi Note 4, Mi 5, Mi Max, Mi Max Prime, Mi Max 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Redmi 3S/Prime, Redmi Note 3, Redmi 4. More devices will get MIUI 9 update soon, please stay tuned!

How to Upgrade to MIUI 9

  • Back up your data and apps before upgrading to MIUI 9, know more here.

  • Stable ROM users of MIUI, please upgrade to MIUI 9 via fast boot method (download fast boot ROM).
  • MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM users, please go to ‘Updater’ app and check for updates (or download Recovery ROM).
  • If your device is bootloader locked, please unlock it before fast boot flashing, know more here
  • How to flash & setup MIUI 9 full guide.

Full changelog
Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Fix - Fix the issue Notification bar show white area (03-06)

Fix - Fix the issue that Weather keeps stopping (03-06)

Fix - Fix the issue that P-sensor doesn't work well (03-06)

Mi Apps
New - Add guidance for new users (03-06)
New - Add top tabs on homepage and support side-scroll (03-06)

Download links
Mi 5 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1306M 987fd67864b4aed873da9e2ff1812ec8
Fastboot ROM 1564M f6a96c44cf43cc0de4f0f8a33cb86efb

Mi Max 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1410M 5ed73794c22abe75538dffd7a713fcdd
Fastboot ROM 1666M b2b7dd43f3da433addb9ba9111ef8a6b

Redmi 3S/Prime 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1238M 85ce1d88ad12b86f595cfbe9f32686c9
Fastboot ROM 1494M b9c351d5ed8cdc290bb97ef6b3e708b3

Redmi Note 3 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1215M 129f0ce8b5394fc4e8e72fbc9e58c6d3
Fastboot ROM 1475M 03309d3c85bb2fcca0760152f34e7fa7

Mi Max Prime 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1410M ee771d47366184b252ad632c4db26b9e
Fastboot ROM 1666M ca58fdefa9511d099ee228eb89e0c2a4

Redmi Note 4 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1440M f4098be0b7e4b2c6b489a5f0b7a5566f
Fastboot ROM 1966M 6a279ca37c4b87cb623c0fd44b3230c5

Redmi 4 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1275M d181a0f6e056f660d68ba2809b032d82
Fastboot ROM 1789M 2ccea8487c5704d8adbde47e56093d95

Mi Max 2 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1539M 3534be2e7fcdc826b93f7ff3c016ac04
Fastboot ROM 2069M 36065ee843ccacd058c7e553f54a0480

Redmi 4A 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1280M b9756fe008dc0939164e79c17d4e609c
Fastboot ROM 1805M 03898ab74cd71a885649cd6e0563113b

Redmi Y1 LITE 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1227M f438ff35e428307b95dbecbd21016669
Fastboot ROM 1778M e0a380776368dfeb5151affbb86a0cbe

Redmi Y1 |  8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1234M b396fc2955beeef8be9be0d9284e58fb
Fastboot ROM 1842M e64f586c17508ac8bf2d37f0b4f66b68

Mi Mix 2 | 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1559M cd968021561aba51ca719dd0d913ff39
Fastboot ROM 2050M 8c579a2a6f89dada1b1fdf30aab4567e

Redmi 5A | 8.3.8
Recovery ROM 1245M e891e6b30b5d2ca45f34b1a8520c82a0
Fastboot ROM 1781M 105b013eee25fbd359ba4715c51aea42

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