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MIUI is no doubt paving a way for innovation and establishing itself on a pedestal. MIUI always is concerned for users daily requirement. One of the popular Application that come with MIUI is Notes which has its own stand and benefit.Its simple UI and user-friendly menu makes it a perfect choice for people always on the go.

MIUI Notes has amazed us with its simplicity and functionality.You can save your file with important notes, adding images , sharing and so on. However apart from this there are some hidden Tricks which I am going to reveal today.

Place your Notes on Home Screen
Have you ever wonder that we can place our important Notes in Home Screen? Placing our required stuff in Home Screen makes convienient for the vigilance every time we turn on our device.
Steps to Generate
Step 1. Tap on notes app from your Home Screen.
Step 2 Now select the Note which you want to place in your Home Screen.
Step 3 Now on the bottom Right you observed three dots.
Step 4 Tap on the three dots and after successful confirmation tap on Place On Home Screen option.
That's it now your important Note has been placed in Home Screen.
Set Reminder For Notes
It can be difficult keeping track of all the things you have to do throughout. However you can overcome with such forgetfulness and set the reminder of your important Notes.
Steps to Generate:
1. Follow the above first 3 steps.
2. Now tap on three dots on the bottom left
3. Tap to Enable Reminder
4. Now set the Date and Time as per your requirement. Tap on OK .
All set now you will receive remainder notification as per your date and time schedule.

Thread Credit goes to lungkhim7

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