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[Review&Unboxing] My first and worst experience on Air Purifier 2 on mi.com

2017-12-15 05:13:18
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Hello Mi fans!

This was my first time buy on mi.com an Air purifier 2 after a lot of thought and reading reviews, I was intrigued with the features such as real time monitoring the 360 degree operation, competitive pricing and over and above the mi brand which gets maximum features and latest technology to users at an affordable price.

I decided to avoid 3rd party and buy this directly on mi.com, why not get it right from the guys who make it. I put the option cash on delivery as it was the first time buy on this site and I wasn't sure on who would be the courier partner, and there was no mention of when it would be delivered, or number of days.

The sad story begins after the order is done, prompt update that the unit is shipped in 2 days and I get a call from Bluedart guys, order is with us, however arrange cash first if we have to come to deliver, we can come only at 1 pm.. I requested that I work, and would be tough to be at home at that time, why don't you come another time? evening or mornings.. they were not ready. Now I made arrangements to have someone at home, and mentioned I could do the payment through Paytm. The next demand was to pay it first before we go and we would deliver. I had no choice other than to beleive in the guy and do the payment. After a few hours the item was delivered.

When I opened the box the unit had a side of the body slightly wide open. I looked at the next again it appears that the box has some damage as well on the same side and thermocouple packing is broken as well.

I contacted mi customer care and based on their instructions provided photo graphs of the unit and box. Great assurance in words that it's gonna be picked up, replaced and I just need to wait for a call.

After a day , I just get an email that the photos I sent are not sufficient, they need more pictures of all sides of unit and the box. I also need to highlight the damage in the picture. They are going to wait to hear from me further with the photos and after I send this it will take 8 to 10 days to investigate on it!!!

As a customer and being from an electronics background it felt as if the first level of failure analysis report should be created by myself and sent to them, and more over wait for another 10 days to know what is next!!

I took photos in all possible angles and sent to them, and there was no response. Finally I decided to enter to the chat support to confirm that they have all that is needed. I didn't want to waste another day to hear from them that some thing is not enough yet.

The answer by the support guy was everything is received and I will get a call right away ( within 6 pm IST) on what is next.

Keeping my fingers crossed it is 5:40 pm.

I would think twice to order anything on mi.com. There has been no clarity on return and replacement. I wouldn't want to wait 10 days for a resolution on an issue. I wouldn't want to do COD if the money is demanded before delivery. I wouldn't want to recommend to anyone to buy on mi.com if the support is only on words and no action.

This was my first and worst experience on mi. I wish I hadn't bought it.
Update on 18th Dec 2017 12:40 PM

After contacting the mi support team and all that patient waiting for what to do next, I have nothing good to tell other than further frustruation.
After I got NO calls from them, I contacted the chat support and like I said in the comments, they were to contact me, it was friday by 6PM, when there was nothing and on further follow up   I would get a call on Monday first hallf.

Monday first half again no calls, and further I contacted them: To my surprise the first response was that I should have received a call already and their ssystem indicated I already got the call.. The images are not enough!!.. I had to counter them, I have confirmation from your guys that I have already sent all the images, and got confirmation that nothing more is needed.. the excecutive finally after a lot of requests for escalation connected me to his supervisor. To whom told me the same story. After a lot of back and forth messages, and records, dates of emails he finally agreed it was already received. Now supposedly i didn't get a call because they thought I didnt send emails!! How could they?!

When I asked further on when I would get a call or know what I should do next : I am told end of day tomorrow now!! its been just wait as of now..
I asked them further for the excalation procedure on what do I do if the issue is not resolved by service.in@mi.com and if I dont get a call back, what is the next email that I should a mail to. Initial answer was "contact us back here again". When I insisted that i did not get what I expected and I need an email for complaints on support I am given this email ID:
Email: grievance.officer@xiaomi.com. Hope it helps others who get into trouble.

Update on 19th Dec 2017
From worse to pathetic experience. Absolutely no calls from the support team. On follow up over call center this time I was again told that the images are not received according to the status. I am tired of explaining and fighting with a different support executive every single day. I patiently explained that I have already sent them on 14th December 2017. Pointed to the various chat history. The last one with the Chat supervisor, and finally got to the Call center support supervisor. He seem to be better understanding, agreed that " He understand the genuineness of the case, and also acknowledged that I have been escalating and images were received. However he is helpless as he can't get anyone to check further details after 6 pm. So I need to wait until tomorrow evening now. He has ensured that he would give a call from his end and update me.. I have no other go other than keeping my hopes alive and if not try my luck on the grievance cell..

This has been a hell of an experience, and I can tell there is some serious disconnect and gaps in their support system or process.

Update on 21st Dec 2017

Guys, I don't have words to describe anymore. I am even tired of updating the story. I am disheartened by the experience others posted in comments here that close to 4 months suffering..

I followed up every single day. Never got a call back till date.
I wrote to the grievance officer, and beleive me no acknowledgement and no response. I wonder even if that I'd is valid. Or may be just a formality? I wrote again today and waiting.

I got a call from the Courier guy yesterday probably the only call I got regarding this. He was kind and asked about the issue.. I explained all that I told mi again to him.. sent him pictures of what happened. He mentioned he understands and would update.

Today's call to the call center as usual landed on to a new executive. For a change today he told me in an investigative tone.. " So system says you didn't send all the required pictures" now I am sick of this answer every single day.. I told him, please understand I did send all, all sides of the boxes, I always get same status saying box pics are not sent. So he goes, no you sent all the box pictures, but where is the units picture? Where is the damage? what is the damage? Now this is new status
What should I say ? I am tired.. I told him that's what I sent in the beginning, after which you wanted the box pictures.

He seem irritated now.. he asks my name location and everything and says okay, the case is ongoing you will get a call back from the back end( never reachable hidden in the center of earth team..)

I understood there is no point in me talking further with this guy, I requested if I could talk to the supervisor whom I talked the other day and he says he is not available. The next I asked him may I speak to his supervisor? And he puts me on hold and says he is also busy.. So I asked him what do you think then, is there any solution with you for my call?
He says Nope. Nothing. And promptly he goes " is there anything else that I can help you with?" What an irony guys..

What do I say oh yeah I am looking to buy another Air purifier? God.. I almost give up.. consider that money went into the drain..
Update on 26th Dec 2017

My wait continues with no resolution until date. In one of these days I got a call from a person at Mi, he mentioned he will be tracking this case and is from the grievance cell. They need more time to work on this. I have no choice other than to wait and follow up. I have started to cope up with the situation I guess. I hope all those who had gone through such a situation would help if there is any other way to tackle this

Update on 27th Dec 2017

Got a call from mi finally : They informed me that the courier company ( Bluedart) has accepted the claim for damage. However I need to ship the unit back to mi wearhouse at my cost! Scan and send the way bill courier details. No company policy of picking up the item supposedly. I have heard before that mi has pick up facility at door step for return or service, is it all that not applicable for air purifier?! This doesn't seem to be their mainstream in anyway.

Once they get the item they will acknowledge and I should provide my bank details. It will take another 8 to 10 days for refund after that.

So I went to Bluedart itself and it was a whooping 3300 rupees ! To ship it just locally within Bangalore. It didn't make any sense.. I was thinking of throwing it away as such due to agony.  Finally someone suggested me DTDC.  I went there and shipped it through DTDC at 880 rupees. Now for me this was a local shipment within Bangalore. Imagine those who have to ship it long distance!

This 880 rupees and all the pain and follow up is the net result of the whole story for me I guess.. A fine I pay for trusting the brand and support.

Now I hope the wait would continue to follow up for receiving the unit at the Wearhouse  and the refund.

I asked once again if I could contact anyone to follow up and the answer was no.. none other than the customer support team..

Update on 5th Jan 2018

I don't have words to express the most horrible experience here anymore as my wait continues.
If you buy an mi device on mi.com - for everyone's info. In case it was faulty by any reason be sure of having a great months long fight to get something back. In the end you just loose the money to courier the stuff back to them..

I got a call first of all from the security of the mi office that he received a parcel from me and what he should do with it?
Haha.. what can i say?! These guys surely have a wonderful process.. I begged him that it is a return unit based on their instructions please hand over to concerned team.. to my surprise he said that's the call center office! What do they do there I have no idea..

And finally after few more days there came the acceptance that yes courier is received now all we need is the bank details and they would take another sweet 8 to 10 days to refund..

As if I have a choice..

So I sent all that they need.. Additional information !
They have no policy to refund me the courier fee , so they might consider giving mi coupons for that money.. and what do I do with it?!

Again write to many people the Grievance officer whoever in the world and then comes the next call saying they need time ..

Days went by and upon checking the next hurdle has come in- They haven't received the bank details.. Beleive me these guys seem to have a black hole that sinks all the information we share..  they dont receive emails.. they have no automatic reply of acknowledgement.. nothing.. just a general email that just dumps all the emails into trash..

I sent the photo of cheque and details 4 times every second day.. and asked for an acknowledgement . Nothing

In the end after marking to the Grievance officer there comes a reply Addressing someone else..( not my name ) that they received the details.. God knows whose details.. whom they will give the money to now..

And for the fun of it someone called me asking feedback on how was the purchase!!! Haha.. never heard from him after giving my opinion

2017-12-15 05:13:18
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MIUI 10 Beta Tester

Vickyshah | from Redmi Note 4


You should have given cash only after they deliver it and inspect it ...I think courier guys knew ABT it and that's why demanded money first bcz that is strange and never happened that Mi delivery courier ask like that with me. Anyway hope u have resolution soon. Good Luck
2017-12-15 06:31:14

Grandmaster Bunny

Ashoks | from Redmi 3S


Thanks for sharing Information
2017-12-15 06:55:29

Rookie Bunny

Zayd Noor | from MI 5


did you receive the call ?
2017-12-15 07:54:30

Rookie Bunny

Jay1508 Author | from mobile


Thanks Vickyshah: While I am not sure if this damage ( the body open like pencil box that doesn't close well) is because of the courier guys, or previous transportation while import ,It was my mistake to trust on quality, and reasonable protection in packing by mi. Most of us get lucky to have everything rosy and a good experience. The pain is when you are the unfortunate one of having a defect and get the real taste of the support system, the call center , the struggle to get attention and escalation. We have no other go other than atleast try our luck for attention on the social media today. Mi seem to treat this as a case of investigation and I should just wait to hear from them. I received no call from them as they promised, and tomorrow again I should try my luck again with a new customer support staff. Lesson learnt, read the return policies well, buy something with absolute replacement guarantee, and better service support. In a normal customer care we first get a ticket number and an SLA , a return pick up date , or a service technician. Here I had to ask for a ticket ID, the person on call had no idea on how much time it would take. When I asked him what is the policy next: All he said is you will get a call back, When I asked isn't there a service center nearby.His advice was if you want you can go to some service center as well.. When there was nothing in response that's positive is when I took to the chat option. I thought atleast things are written and recorded. The chat option if you check doesn't even have a category as Air Purifier. I had to choose accessories as the product to get to someone. Its two days + and counting for a call from them. All I am left with is the product which I don't dare to power on or touch and the money deposited.         
2017-12-15 08:00:53

Advanced Bunny

1591488150 | from Redmi Note 4


I was thinking of placing an order but now that I have read your experience I have put off the decision to buy it online, I'd rather prefer brick and mortar store, so that I can satisfactorily check the product before taking delivery.
2017-12-15 08:14:33

Rookie Bunny

Jay1508 Author | from mobile


Zayd Noor
did you receive the call ?

Unfortunately No, I didn't. I will follow up again tomorrow. I hope to get a resolution soon
2017-12-15 08:20:05

Pro Bunny

Ranjeet Tarak | from Redmi Note 4


I am impressed from mi.com site
2017-12-15 08:22:32

Pro Bunny

The Smart Guy | from app


something like that happened to me with my note 4 and I got it returned but it took 6 days to pickup and 4 more days to deliver next one.
2017-12-15 09:00:57

Grandmaster Bunny

Prem | from Redmi Note 4


Please note that company clearly says if the packet is open or damage don't accept and return it. Then why you did otherwise.
2017-12-15 17:40:45

Rookie Bunny

Jay1508 Author | from mobile



Please note that company clearly says if the packet is open or damage don't accept and return it. Th ...

Prem: You are right: However the packet was well sealed and it wasn't a very visible tamper outside. It is more of crumble on a corner which i couldn't notice.There was no way to detect there could be an internal defect until we see it and work backward on the possible cause.
The sad part is the after sale support system, I still have no response from the team, other than the assurance of a call back. If anyone has any lead on how to escalate so that I get this replaced or repaired will be helpful.
2017-12-15 21:16:46
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