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Running on the line that programming and devices for the masses, android app store is now filled with tons of apps. While being pretty impressive and a great testament to the power of democratizing platforms, the increment in presence of installed apps in users’ devices comes with the many issues.

One such is - outflow of notifications from different apps on user's notification panel to the extent that important notifications also gets piled up under. We, at MIUI, are introducing a feature to better manage your notifications - Unimportant Notifications Filter. Mark them as unimportant and all such (even from different apps) will be folded under one notification, which can be called up anytime from just one click, right from the notification panel.

How to Enable
  • Go to settings - Notifications & status bar
  • Enable ‘Notifications folder’
  • Go to notifications, swipe the notification left which is unimportant
  • Click ‘unimportant’
  • All the unimportant notifications will be folded under ‘unimportant notification’ on notifications

How to disable
  • If you want to mark notifications important from one particular app then, go to unimportant notification swipe left and click ‘important’
  • If you want to disable the feature completely then, go to settings - notifications & status bar - disable ‘notifications folder’

When I swipe left I’m not able to select ‘unimportant’, what do I do?
First you need to enable the feature from notification setting, check how to enable.
How do I mark specific app for important again?
Check, how to disable, third point to control the notifications for specifically for one app.

Have any suggestions, feedback, and questions regarding this feature? Let us know in the comments below or post a thread in MIUI Feedback section.


That's all for Now Folks. Keep Exploring the Features of MIUI 9 and lemme your thoughts on it!
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