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In today’s age, designing an app that not only provides value but looks and works the way it should is no easy task, this is certainly true when it comes to following a design language across all built-in apps for OEM custom ROM. MIUI has distinctly made its place in the Android world by providing the value surrounding the purpose of its apps and introducing new designs, iteration after iteration. MIUI 9 is no different, it offers smart but subtle changes in UI which only makes the UX behind and MIUI ecosystem stronger, let us explain what is new with the UI one by one:

Security App UI
We have redesigned the homepage of your favourite MIUI Security app from the scratch, with all new icons and design language to go along with MIUI 9, let's have a look below:

New Explorer App UI
MIUI 9 comes with all new Explorer app, which has newly structured arrangement to quickly gives you everything that matters to you most, let us have a look below:

Mi App Store
Mi App Store, previously known as Mi Picks is now completely revamped which now not only gives you the updates faster but categorically lists all the apps to give you better recommendations, check out below

New Theme App UI
MIUI Theme App now comes with new UI which not only gives a better approach to all your favorite content whether it is wallpaper, ringtones, themes or fonts, check out below:  

New Email UI
MIUI 9 introduces a new Email App to better manage your emails efficiently, let's have a quick comparison to see what has changed along the way

Installed Apps UI
Installed Apps UI introduces all-new design from the ground zero. It now comes with new icons, new 7 sorting options to quickly find your apps, check out below.

MI Drop UI
We have built the Mi Drop from the scratch, a more easier way to share. With all new design, now you can share Mi drop across all the Android devices and share content, know more about it here.

Wallpaper Carousel UI
We know that you love new wallpapers every day, Wallpaper Carousel now comes with all new options and many new categories to select the lock screen wallpaper from, check out below.

MI Browser UI
We have changed the UI of options of Mi Browser in order to have the better accessibility and reach in short time.

Mi Video App
With MIUI 9 we are introducing the Mi Video App as a separate video app for all your multimedia needs, which comes with the support of subtitles display and downloading and many more options, know more about it here.

When will I get all this changes in MIUI 9?
For Global Stable ROM of MIUI 9, all the features will be rolled in subsequent updates, for faster access to these switch to Global Beta ROM instead.

Have any suggestions, feedback, and questions regarding this feature? Let us know in the comments below or post a thread in MIUI Feedback section.

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