Hello Mi Fans,

MIUI is known for its Customisations, Unique Features and Optimizations. With the Slogan of Lightning Fast,MIUI 9 has launched with a bunch of New Features and Optimizations. MIUI 9 Features and Optimizations includes Faster Opening of Apps, Split Screen, Deep level System Optimizations, New Icons, Improved Silent Mode etc. Along with these, a new Feature has been introduced in MIUI 9 called Animated Icons - New Animation for Launching and Exiting Apps. Lets Explore more on this Feature.

Animated Icons

Animated Icons is one of the Highlighted Features of MIUI 9. You can see the New Animation when you Launch and Exit Apps. Open/Launch the App and You can notice the Animation on its Icon when you exit the App. Animation seems to be cool and it gives you a live Experience as if Icons are Live. Take a look at the below GIFs to see the Animation on Icons.



Animated Icons of Browser App, Settings App, Gallery App and Camera App are shown respectively in the Above GIFs.
As of now MIUI 9 Supports 21 Animated Icons. It means Animated Icons are Available for 21 Apps. Isn't it Cool??

Apps that Supports Animated Icons includes Camera, Gallery, Music, Mi Browser, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Mi Home App, UC Browser, Mi Apps. Mi Community App etc. Animated Icons may be implemented to support many more Apps in the near Future.

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That's all for Now Folks. Keep Exploring the Features of MIUI 9 and lemme your thoughts on it!
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