Hello, Mi Fans!

Welcome and thank you for choosing Mi, you are now part of the Mi family with numerous other users! You might be a new user of Mi or Android itself and this guide is meant to provide you all the information you might need during the first setup of your mi phone, to cover all the the questions and their answers which you might have as a first time user of mi product, read it carefully.

Setting Up Your Device & Mi Account
First Run

Charge your device fully with the official charger from the box and start setting up. As soon as you will turn on the device for the first time you will be required to set some things up, don’t worry it’s a one time procedure, you will be needing access to the one phone number and/or email so keep it ready. Upon first boot you will be greeted with MIUI logo, currently of MIUI 8. You are ready to step in and experience one of the best, well thought customized Android OEM ROM known as MIUI. It runs on numerous other non mi devices as well for the features it offers.

Step 1. For the purpose of first run, steps and choice of default language, you will be asked to choose the language and its particular dialect for better understanding throughout the process. We will choose: English (India)
Step 2. You will be asked to choose one locale from the list based on geographic location, choose rightly as it decides the features, apps and the other settings. We will for example choose: India

-  Both the chosen language and locale can be changed later on from settings - additional settings.

Step 3. Next step is to choose your favourite keyboard app, MIUI 8 comes with the default google keyboard along with the swiftkey app and others.
Step 4. Then after you will be shown available Wi-Fi networks to connect to, connect and when asked input the password for that network. To protect your privacy and other settings google services will issue one dialogue box, read it carefully and accept.

- It is recommended that you use Wi-Fi for the first setup considering the large data size which will be used depending upon the settings you choose.

Step 5. At this point you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions by checking the box at the end, if you wish you can read the T&C along with Privacy Policy by clicking the respective one. Accept and move on.
Step 6. If you haven’t inserted SIM card, you will be asked to insert one, refer the illustrated guide that came with the phone box if you don’t know how to eject the SIM tray and insert SIM.

Setting Up Google Account

Step 7. The next step would be to setup your phone with google account, input your google account credentials if you already have one or you can create the new one by clicking “create a new account” in the next screen.

- You can skip setting up google account for the scope of the first run, but it is advisable to set it up.
- Your google account gives you the ability to use the various google services, which includes backup and syncing, contacts, email, online cloud storage, docs, countless other services and apps.

Setting Up Your Mi Account

Step 8. If you already own one mi account then input your credentials, if not then sign up for one. You can create new account with email address and/or phone number.

- Providing all correct info in mi account is recommended including phone number and email address, it helps you to recover your account and data in case you forget your password later.
- You can keep your content synced across all the devices signed in with the same account.

- Grant the required permissions to it when asked, along with google location permission.

Additional Settings

Step 9. A) Next you will be asked for choices of various small settings, each setting is explained with the help of text and you can say no if you wish. You can change this setting after anytime if you desire so.

Location: It decides whether or not your location info will be shared across the apps you will use later.
Wallpaper Carousel: It’s a service provided freely by MIUI which fetches new lockscreen wallpaper everyday, Wi-Fi only option will be available under settings later.
User Experience Program & Send Diagnostic Data Automatically: Both this option sends anonymous data to MI to improve further, protected by privacy policy of course.
Update automatically: It will automatically download the newest MIUI version and asks you to install updates.

B) Next you will be asked if or not you want to improve the location accuracy when location sharing is on by using google’s location service

Choosing a Theme & Completing Setup

Step 10. The next step is to choose the theme from pre-installed themes, you can change it later too.
- It will take some time to load the apps, wait till it completes. Don’t worry if it takes a bit more time it’s just one time procedure.

Step 11. If there is an update available then it will be shown to you, updating it is highly recommended as it contains the bug fixes and new features.
Step 12. Upon first usage, system apps might ask you to grant the required permissions, do it.


What is MIUI and how does it differ from android?

- MIUI is OEM specific certified custom version of android, it contains OEM specific changes and and many more advanced features inbuilt you might needed an app for otherwise, increasing with each iteration of MIUI.

Which services/apps/contents are included and handled via mi account?
- Mi account serves you as one single authentication method to all the internet services mi offers, it includes backing up and syncing contacts, messages, call history, photos, notes, recordings, calendar, bookmarks, app data and find device service. Not just limited to the services related to phones, but it is also closely attached with other eco system products, apps, with MI Community & MIUI forum.

How many devices I can connect/use with the same account and what about the storage?
- There’s no limit on how many smartphone/ecosystem devices you can connect to one mi account. However storage size remains same if you use the same account and storage will be shared and synced across all the devices.

What are my options for support?
- You can use any of the listed medium here, http://www.mi.com/in/service/. Also you can take help from the like minded users from mi community here https://c.mi.com/in.

From where do I manage my account info other than mi account app?
- You can manage your account information from http://account.xiaomi.com

How much of free storage I will get and what are the options to buy more.
- Upon signing up you will get 5GB of free storage attached with your account. It is shared across all the app and services you add/use during the course of your usage of mi account. Currently there's no way to buy the storage officially for india.

How do I access my content from outside, stored in my account?
- You can see your content from anywhere via website address http://i.mi.com

MIUI Forum and Mi Community, what is the difference?
- Both are officially owned mi discussions forums. While the first is targeted towards international users while the former is specially tailored for the specific region. Your Mi account ID remains same on both while your username can differ, your choice. Use of Mi Community is preferred to not to be confused with the different device models and for ease of communication from same regional users.

Forum credits Vs MI credits what’s the difference when it comes to my mi account?
- Forum credits are the one you earn for various activities on official forum, currently there’s no way to use them for something. Sometimes in official contests you might earn mi credits which you can add to your mi account and later can use them to buy something across various services, they don’t expire after adding. You can check your mi credits from here http://mibi.mi.com

How do I lock and erase my device data remotely?
- As long as you have attached your mi account and find device option is on inside mi account app, its easy. All you need to do is go to http://i.mi.com. You can even use your google account too for the same purpose, in that case headover to https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager.

How do I delete my mi account?
- You can delete your mi account by visiting https://account.xiaomi.com/pass/del and follow the steps. Do not forget to sign out that account from all devices and remove all attached devices from http://i.mi.com otherwise you will get error of already attached account in those devices.

That’s it for now folks! If you have anything to say or add regarding the setup process or have an idea for the next article do leave your valuable comment below.

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