I've had the Redmi note 10 pro for half a year, and it's been a pretty worthwhile experience, however recently I found out that the phone does have a 60/120hz display refresh rate option?

This surprised me since I've gone through every option in "Settings" and I can't find it. Certainly, in the "Display" options, it isn't there, even though I can see YouTubers in video guides show where it is. I have Display brightness, anti-flicker, reading mode, color scheme, and that's it.

Let me mind you that under those same YouTube videos I can find other Redmi note 10 pro owners with the same problem, but I didn't find any solutions at all anywhere! Considering that this phone is barely a year old, will Xiaomi ever fix this problem/bug/whatever it is? I run 12.5.16 MIUI on my device.