From the start of pandemic,  we have experience the unexpected. As a medical student I struggle to adjusting on the online class and striving to learn quality relevant lessons and precautions since the pandemic began. My previous have issues on power button and it didn't open again.  So I decided to get a new phone and I ask one of my friends if he may recommend a good quality android phone and within my budget.  He recommended Mi/ Xioami brand which is new to me that time,  so I bought it without knowing any reviews other than the good specs since I have trust on my friend.  When it is delivered,  I excitedly open the package,  within the box is the Redmi Note 7 pro and it's is unexpectedly very good. From out and within the Redmi Note 7 pro,  I like it.  I used it in my studies as we go online class and it is not laggy as I used different apps at the same time.
It has good graphics and picture thank other brands, taking picture like professional and it looks so natural.  And at mobile gaming it has smooth graphics as I play. And quality in everyday use. All the experience I had from my previous devices have level up since I change my android phone into Mi/ Xioami brand.

For me the best feature of Redmi 10 is Helio G88 Processor making it fast & powerful with 50MP quad camera, 90Hz FHD+ display which is I prefer more since I like to photography, I like clear and high definition,  a higher resolution compared to other.


Capture by using Redmi Note 7 Pro