I have bought a new poco f3 and i have played pubg on it and few other games but to be very honest i don't know why this device has no 90fps support yet? And why are there fps drops in pubg i wasn't expecting this. When compared to mi10t which has a sd865 and works like butter and F3 has sd 870 still there's no 90 fps support and even on 60 fps u can feel fps dropping from 60. Giving all these flagship level specs only is not enough if u can't give the experience what your device is capable of.

i know poco F3 is a beast and a flagship killer in Most aspects maybe but the  problem is with software and roms i guess,  to be honest software is a Magor factor if xiaomi didn't fix all the bugs and software issues from their roms I'm afraid all these beast hardware and specs wouldn't help xiaomi as customers would prefer other brands that has all over a better and more stable system & experience.