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[News] The ETA Clock Tells You More Important Things Than Time!

2017-09-12 08:57:31
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Hello Mi Fans,

True Harry Potter fans should be familiar with the Weasley’s magical family clock. Rather than telling the time, this beautiful device would display the exact location of each family member. One married couple of MIT-trained engineers loved the clock so much, they made their own. Named Eta, the clock lets you stay updated with the whereabouts of your family and friends. It provides peace of mind and plenty of talking points around the dinner table. Best of all, you don’t even need to master magic. The Eta Clock is a new Kickstarter project from a startup called DC Creatives that works with a smartphone app to show you the locations of your friends and family members, using a fun, clock-style interface.

So basically, it’s a real, functional version of the Weasley family’s magical clock from the Harry Potter series. And — putting aside the fraught social issues of needing to know your family member’s locations — it’s kind of amazing that it exists. While it’s worth pointing out that the Eta Clock is by no means the first to emulate the Weasley family’s tracking timepiece, it is the first product that is ostensibly being sold to consumers. Unlike Mrs. Weasley’s version, the Eta Clock relies on modern technology rather than actual sorcery to accomplish the job.

The Eta Clock isn’t your ordinary clock - it doesn’t tell time. Instead, it keeps you connected to those who matter most, exchanging time for location. The Eta Clock tells you where the people in your life spend their time, with each hand representing a person in your connection circle and each segment of the clock face corresponding to a destination. As the people in your life proceed throughout their day, the clock hands mimic their movements, traveling to and from destinations like “Work” and “Home.”

It’s time to upgrade our connected experiences, making the digital world tangible and human. Our connections with those who matter most should manifest in the physical world and feel personal. As inventors and technologists, our mission is to bring modern technology into the homes of everyone with a human-centric approach to connected devices. As craftsmen and artisans, we believe that experience should be beautiful.

The features of Eta Clock includes:
  • See where your favorite five people are at any given time
  • Lets you set up known locations, like your workplace or the nearest hospital
  • Made from beautiful wood, with a different color hand for each person

Check out Eta Clock

The Eta Clock is a truly whimsical device that combines functionality with wonder, and gives owners a sense of peaceful connectedness. Made from exquisite materials with a modern, minimalist design, the Eta Clock is more than a connected device, it’s a statement piece of art for your home. We are confident that once you live with the Eta Clock, you will find it transcends it's functionality to become a cherished piece of furniture.

The Eta Clock is designed to connect you to an intimate circle of those who matter most. Therefore, it had to be beautiful enough to warrant a permanent place on your wall. Our clock face is made from ½ inch oak plywood and laser-engraved with twelve, unique destinations. The face is stained and finished with a matte polyurethane. Designed for artistic impact and durability, the aluminum hands are anodized and dyed with your choice of metallic or primary tones.

How does Eta Clock Works?

The Eta Clock wall-hanging device works in conjunction with our Eta Clock mobile app. Mobile devices broadcast their geolocation coordinates to our secure server, which acts simply as a proxy, relaying those coordinate to your at-home Eta Clock device. No need to stare at a tiny map on your phone or request an update, the Eta Clock is always waiting for new coordinates and displays the whereabouts of your friends and family as a piece of wall-hanging art.

In order to connect people to your Eta Clock device, friends and family can download our Eta Clock app, create an account and add locations in their mobile app. Your clock uses those locations to determine where your family and friends are located throughout their day. Setting up the Eta Clock is a simple two-step process. Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology, we make it easy to connect the Eta Clock to your home wifi network. The Eta Clock app tracks significant geolocation updates and sends that data to your Eta Clock device. User’s are never required to update their locations manually and once downloaded, a user will barely notice it running in the background. Our simple mobile experience uses minimal battery power and makes staying connected effortless.

There are, of course, some privacy concerns with the Eta Clock, which works by broadcasting your location to the company’s server, which then relays it to your clock. DC Creatives says that it will immediately delete data as soon as it’s sent to your Eta Clock, however. Additionally, users will be able to control to what extent they share their location, which should help alleviate some of the concerns about being tracked.

There is one other quibble I have with the Eta Clock: much like its magical counterpart from J.K. Rowling’s books, it doesn’t seem capable of telling you the time. The company hopes to ship the finished products in July 2018, which is something to note as a possible concern given how far away that ship date is, along with the company’s relatively unfounded experience when it comes to shipping hardware products. As is always the case with crowdfunded gadgets, use your best judgement before backing. Well the Eta Clock is certainly worth the value, isn't it? Do REPLY down your opinions below.

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2017-09-12 08:57:31
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Awesome Thread Bro... Thanks for sharing...
2017-09-12 09:06:24


Hari Sankar G Author |


PPM2 replied at 2017-09-12 21:36:24
Awesome Thread Bro... Thanks for sharing...

Thank you bro :)
2017-09-12 09:07:12

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Amar Mundargi | from Redmi Note 4


Nice thread.. Thanks for sharing
2017-09-12 09:13:01

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Singhboy | from Redmi Note 3


nice thread.   
2017-09-12 09:15:54

Techie Team

Yaseen Terdalkar | from mobile


Awesome Tech Gadget to look out for! Thanks for sharing!
2017-09-12 09:19:03

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Hari Sankar G Author |


Yaseen Terdalkar replied at 2017-09-12 21:49:03
Awesome Tech Gadget to look out for! Thanks for sharing!

Glad that you like it :)
2017-09-12 09:20:50

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dpritam0002 | from app


good post. thanks
2017-09-12 12:32:29

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Good product and useful. Thanks for your information and sharing it with us
2017-09-12 18:13:28

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useful info. thank
2017-09-12 19:35:17

Mi A1 O Tester

NeerajBairwa001 | from Redmi Note 3


You always post something new and different man great
2017-09-13 00:32:27
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