[Discussion] Ruggie: Revolutionary Alarm Clock Has The Best Way to Get You Out of Bed!

2017-09-12 20:20:10
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Hello Mi Fans,
Ruggie is a memory foam-padded rug and alarm clock that requires its owner to physically get out of bed to turn it off. Developed by a team of entrepreneurs based in Vancouver and Hong Kong, Ruggie helps people get out of bed so that they can be more productive and motivated to seize the day.

Know someone who is guilty of hitting the snooze button every morning when they should be getting on with their lives? Well here is the perfect gift that will help anyone get out of bed and start their day off right.

Functioning as a normal alarm clock, the device can be programmed by users to go off at any designated time. Unlike normal alarm clocks that can be easily snoozed, Ruggie utilizes a touch sensor and shuts off only when a person stands on it for at least three seconds. It also comes loaded with customized speeches to motivate and inspire users to take advantage of the extra time they saved.

Tired of sleeping through your alarms? Do you hit the snooze button over and over again? We don’t blame ya, modern clocks make it way too easy for us to snooze… especially when we’re in our warm cozy beds!


Ruggie can cheer you on immediately after you get up with motivational quotes you can customize. Motivating you to accomplish your daily goals!

Wake up on time, every time! The average American spends 26 years in bed! How much of that is from over snoozing?? Cheers to life extension!

Made with incredibly soft fleece hugged around a high-density memory foam mat. This will be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever laid your feet on.

We’re most effective in the morning, with limited distractions and our will-power maxed. As we wake up more efficiently, we’ll naturally get more done!

Easily wake up on time, and look forward to Ruggie’s motivations to put you in a good mood! No more feeling late rushed and stressed!

All you gotta do is plug in the batteries and it is good to go! For customized speeches you just need to plug it into to computer and our easy to use software will pop up!

Training Your Powerful Mind:
It feels great to start the day with someone reminding you why you’re awesome. It makes you happier, increases your outlook on life, and gives you that boost and confidence in achieving your goals. This is what Ruggie does. It’s like your personal cheerleader! Keeps you out of that negative funk. You can upload affirmations, empowering quotes, or your own personal life goals for Ruggie to greet you with every morning.

Making it Effortless, Forming a New Habit
When something is a habit, we do it effortlessly. No will-power needed, no difficult decisions, we just do it because we like it. The awesome part? All it takes is 3-4 weeks of doing something to form a new habit. (Much easier said than done). With Ruggie as your new alarm clock, you’ll be getting out of bed early and positively every single day! Before you know it, you’ll have formed the healthy habit of early rising and positive thinking!


Becoming Aware of Snoozing’s Side Effects
How snoozing holds back your potential? We’ve all done it, snoozing! Sure it feels great for 10 minutes,  but this short lived pleasure has lasting effects which can affect our whole day.

Here’s what sleep experts agree on snoozing:
  • Makes you feel more tired and groggy (Sleep Inertia)
  • Feelings of grogginess can last 30 minutes to 4 hours
  • Hurts your decision-making ability and overall performance
  • Increases Stress (being late, rushed, busy commute hours & more)
  • Confuses your sleep cycle, making you more likely to snooze in the future

When you snooze you are basically telling your subconscious mind “It’s OK not to follow through what I intend to do today.” Sure it’s OK once in a while, but doing this every day severely holds back your true potential.

Founder Winson Tam wrote on his Kickstarter page that the idea came to him as a result of his problem with oversleeping. Though he tried all different types of alarm clocks, none of them worked. That was when he came up with the idea for Ruggie.

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2017-09-12 20:20:10
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Master Bunny

Ayush Bhosle | from mobile


That's interesting I guess I need one for myself
2017-09-12 20:36:42
Nice thread bro :)
2017-09-12 22:02:02

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Thanks for sharing!! :)
2017-09-13 09:06:24

Rookie Bunny

1641166295 | from Redmi Note 3


Will gift it to my friend
2017-09-14 03:48:14

Mi FC President

PHATEH007 | from MI MAX


Superb innovation
2017-09-14 04:32:35

Grandmaster Bunny

1605405280ak | from Redmi Note 4


nice information
2017-09-14 04:40:03

Semi Pro Bunny

1712271112 | from Redmi Note 4


Amazing technology
2017-09-14 06:17:07

Semi Pro Bunny

Niks07 | from app


thanks for sharing
2017-09-18 01:00:53
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