1. Ocean Dream for ZenUI Launcher
The icons within Ocean Dream are all cleverly designed to tie in with the theme. The icon for messaging app for example, looks like a message in a bottle. The icon for the browser app, on the other hand, is a radar.

2. Glasklart for Apex launcher
Glasklart has many unique icons, even for slightly less common apps such as Anututu and Greenify, and the overall design is fantastic. Even those which aren't built from the ground up don’t look out of place here.

3. White for CM Launcher
White for CM Launcher is gorgeous. There is real confidence shown in the minimalist background wallpaper; a simple winter scene of a tree and a person walking away from it. But it's the postcard-like app icons – the namecard style address book icon in particular – that steal the show.

4. Black Mechanic Atom Theme for Atom Launcher
Anybody who’s ever checked out Android themes in the Play Store should be immediately familiar this one. Garish for sure, this theme combines a live cyber-punk style wallpaper with some well-designed neon buttons to give your handset a futuristic feel.

5. Jellyfish 3D for Hola Launcher
Jellyfish theme for Hola Launcher is incredibly simple in principle: it creates a ripple effect when you tap on display, on an app, or swipe between homescreens. This is slapped onto a background of an underwater scene with a couple of jellyfish pictures.But the result is so effective and pleasing to watch that it completely belies the concept.