Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing good, let’s play one more flash event today. Flash events are fun and lately I have collected a lot of in game currency and Gold by playing flashing races. Since Gear Club has a flash event that starts after a few hours and has a good amount of rewards. You will only get rewards for winning. Here the reward is 8503.

Gear Club can be considered as one of the best racing games for a lot of things. The graphics are pretty great and locations look really amazing with the help of these graphics. There is a vast range of cars available from different manufacturers. You will find all car ranges as per your need. Unlocking new cars and upgrading cars help you to win races more efficiently. Let's start today’s race.  

It was a 1 lap race in the city during night with 2 players. It was a close race. The racing track has a lot of curves in the middle of city. The flash races are totally based on skills as all the drivers use the same car with the same upgrades. Here are the results.

Here is my gameplay:

Hope you like it!