After 3 years, support for Xiaomi's mi A1 stopped.  I bought it 7 months after launch.  so for almost 2.5 years I had a lot of fun with this Android one phone.  Because the hardware of Xiaomi is very good and affordable, I have equipped Xiaomi phones with the Xiaomi EU ROM or AOSP based ROMs for several family and friends.  Now I was sitting with the Mi A1 without security patches.  Decided to provide it with TWRP and magisk which seemed to work fine but after 1 restart the phone was damaged according to a message on the screen.  I had custom ROMs to so many Samsung tablets and phones, Huawei and Xiaomi phones, and now my Mi A1 is dead.  software problems.  i can install the fastbootROM with miflash perfectly with edl.  good luck.  but not booting.  I don't want to give up my girlfriend has already left my life is a mess.  Now my laptop no longer sees the phone and the screen remains black.  driver untraceable.  Fortunately I bought the very nice good poco X3, but there is a lot of software for Xiaomi phones on weird sites with software that is not good.  Be careful where the software comes from.