Welcome to Redmi Note 10 Series Device Sub-forum!
Please read these Rules & Guidelines before you start surfing with the waves here, especially the newcomers.

Rules and Regulations
General Rules
  • General rules are the main rules of the "Xiaomi Mi Community", so whichever the sub-forum, the members must respect the general rules.

Search before Posting a Thread
  • This is the most basic thing you should do before posting a thread in any sub-forum.
  • If you don't follow this, any repeated thread will be deleted.

English as the Main Language
  • It is clear that most of us come from different countries with different languages, but please try to use English even if you are not really good at it.
  • This is a Global Community and your thread shall be readable by anyone from various countries.
  • And if you are deficient in the English language, please use Google Translate.

No Spamming
  • When replying to a thread, please do not post a few replies at once. Compile all your thoughts in a single post. This is not a chatroom where you can send several messages at once. Keep the forum clean and tidy.

No Off-Topic Reply
  • Please do not reply with unrelated topics or content in a thread. For example, asking when is MIUI 13 update in this Rules & Guidelines thread is considered as an off-topic reply.
  • Do not blame moderators for deleting your replies without any reason, as you have been warned from here.

No Nudity, Profanity, Racism, and Swearing
  • Sharing and posting nudity/pornographic images in a thread or avatar is forbidden. In addition, profanity, racism, and swearing at others directly or indirectly will be given a direct warning or ban if it is serious in a way that affects the harmony of the forum community.

Direct & Clear Title
  • Do not post titles like "Mi Gadgets" or "MIUI ROM". No one will comprehend what your thread is all about by looking at the title.
  • Be specific and precise. It's easier for others to search, help or read your thread regarding the topic.

Sufficient Contents
  • Do not post a thread with empty contents or repeat the title.
  • Please provide us with more information, if you want to ask a question or share with us your tips.
  • Moderators might delete your thread if it is empty.

Flaming, inciting hatred, or instigating flame bait is prohibited.
  • Flaming or posting with a lack of respect is not acceptable. Please do not flame other users.
  • This is a friendly community.
  • And as such you are expected to be courteous and follow general posting etiquette.
  • And flamers will be dealt with accordingly.

Fighting with other users is prohibited here.
  • Please be polite to another user.
  • Please keep this forum in peace without any fighting.
  • Don't use any disturbing word's here.

Sales & Advertisements
  • Not a single sale is allowed in this forum, even if you are selling Xiaomi products! The same goes for advertisements for your personal products, apps, or services.
  • Sharing 3rd party seller links is not allowed as well, as we do not recommend users to purchase Xiaomi products via 3rd party sellers. There is always a chance of getting a fake product from them.
  • Any type of advertising, job offers, and income generation in threads, replies, PM will be deleted and the user will be warned one time, the second offense, he/she will be banned for a minimum of 14 days!

Guides on Thread Type

For threads that where there will be news or information regarding the device feature.

For threads that you want to discuss with people in the forum. Note that a discussion normally will not have an absolute answer, and can be discussed for a long time.

For threads that you shared opinions about Redmi or anything related to this phone, whether it's your own reviews or others (blogger or tech site) reviews.

For a thread in which you want to share your useful tips and tools that help ease our life or any tutorials about the Redmi Note 10 series.

For the thread in which you share the download link and changelogs of an official ROM or custom ROM, questions and discussion about ROM should be under Q&A or Discussion!

For thread that has nothing related to the above thread types mentioned.

Forum Guidelines: How To Use Community

1. Search and Read!
  • Do not create threads until you have searched. Most probably someone before you had the same problem and your question is already answered.
  • Please read the sticky threads. Sometimes there is important information and probably you are interested.
  • Take 1-2 hours from your time, and read the important threads present in the Community. Not only will they give you maximum information, but you will also get a lot of very helpful/useful information quickly.
  • Use the Edit button, instead of creating another post! Multiple posting will lead to the deletion of the post then warn and ban eventually.

2. Threads and posts!
  • If you found a thread regarding your problem, please post there, do not open a new thread.
  • If you start a thread and it's not getting the reaction you wanted or your question not getting a solution, you can bump it one time, tag any moderator or Admin.
  • Please don't create threads with Questions in the title and in the main OP nothing or just a poll.
  • Poll threads: please input an expiry period. 10-20 days is a decent time to see the result of your questions.
  • Don't copy threads from other sources (sites, blogs, or sub-forums) and paste them to this Subforum without giving source or credit.
  • Whatever your post HERE: you are assessed and you have full responsibility for your own posts (threads).
  • You should filter information through your own brain, before posting it.
  • Do not post ONLY links in your thread. It's the minimum respect for your readers to put the information in your thread. Please do not send them to read from 3rd party sites, with expectations to answer you in your thread.
  • Use punctuation marks and full words!
  • Use enter for another idea/paragraph. Make us read with pleasure. As thumb rule text in CAPS LOCK means that you are shouting, and we all here are civilized people. We do not shout.
  • Please communicate with each other in English only, as this is a Global Community! Any reply EXCEPT the English language (or translation immediately next to text) will be deleted.
  • Multiple threads on one topic will be deleted. The thread which has rich and unique content will be kept then it does not matter who posted it first or not. Admins and mods will decide.

Important Notice to all users Sharing Development threads (Roms, Kernels, etc)

This is a quick notice to All users who share ROM, Kernels, Recovery, or any work which are created by Developers in MIUI Official Forum.

1. The first and must try option, search on the forum before posting anything, maybe the developer or someone has already shared it.

2. Always ask for permission from the developer to share his/her work by sending PM and/or replying to the originated post. You must also share the source link after getting permission.

3. Even if you are sharing a copy from other sites, permissions should be granted from developers and sources must be cited.

4. If you can't find the Original Developer, please PM the Moderators Team.

5. If you are unable to contact the developer or get a reply from the developer, you can share the thread and give full credits to the developer, with all the links and names mentioned in a thread. The Moderator Team will not hesitate to either delete the thread or warn/ban you if you fail to do so. REMEMBER!

If we don't give credits to original developers, then there may be no good work in the future,
so it's our duty to credit them for their awesome work!

6. After copying from the source, the source link, developer names who contributed, must be posted in Bold, large size fonts like 3 or 4 so that it can be seen by everyone easily.

7. It's a request to all users to report such threads that do not include the source URL and developer name. Appropriate action(s) will be taken by the Moderators Team.

Notice: All the users having any issue can contact the Management Team.

Anything that you are not clear about these rules & guides, feel free to ask. We hope you enjoy your stay in this forum. Have a nice day!
Note: For more detailed info, you can contact Super moderator or moderators. And you have any problems please tag above mentioned SMod or Moderators, we will try to solve your problem.

Disclaimer: Redmi Note 10 Series Device Sub-Forum Management Staff will not be responsible if you don't read the rules and follow the rules. If your thread or post gets deleted and if you get any warnings or ban, then only you will be responsible for that. Don't ask unnecessary questions in PM, and don't fill unnecessary complaints because all the rules are stated clearly. Please read the rules beforehand. Thank You!