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[Feedback] Mi to You Halloween

2020-10-18 19:43:31
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Hi Mi Fans,

I have a very special Mi to You this month and maybe some information about Halloween you didn't know about before.

As October is the scariest month of the year celebrating the old Celtic traditions of my homeland of Ireland originally before been adopted but the church like must traditional dates of the Celtic calendar was named Samhain (pronounced sow-win) which was the transition of the final harvest into the winter solstice being the dark half of the year celebrated on the 31st Oct to 1st Nov with bonfires.

Celts believed that this transition opened up the gateway between our physical world and the spirit world.

Because the spiritual world was upon them the Celts lift offering outside the villages or fairy fields to keep the fairies, ghosts and beasts at bay.

Celts used to dress up as animals or beast to stop the fairies and mythological creatures from stealing their souls during the merger of the two realms.

Sounds all very familiar you are thinking, maybe not the fairies but some people in Ireland still believe strongly in these mischievous and dangerous creatures and will protect in the land clearly of fairy rings as they are known.

So to celebrate this merger of the two realms in true Mi Fan style and to know a little more about you…

I want you to tell me about the things that used to or many still do scary you today?

Maybe you were scared of a place like a haunted house?

Maybe you were scared of the dark?

I used to believe in banshees when I lived in the countryside of Ireland. I used to hear the screaming of the woman out in the dark fields under the moon light. But now I know it was a vixen fox crying call.

Tell us your stories and you will be rewarded with this exclusive "Mi to You" medal to celebrate Samhain (Halloween)

Please Comment, Like or Favourite…


2020-10-18 19:43:31
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Torlyn |


Right, I'll start then. It's going to make me sound like a robot, but as a kid I had the big issue about dividing by zero in programming explained to me (I had that kind of a childhood :P ), and I was absolutely terrified about that happening and wiping the tech around me. And that extended to things that were simple mechanical contraptions. Ghost and ghoulies, the geek way :D
2020-10-18 19:53:16
John, who has to live in the countryside for a while due to health problems, on the advice of a friend. He decides to stay in a neglected but suitable Georgian house. When he goes to see the house for the first time, John wanders around the village where the house is located, ignoring rumors that the house is haunted and decides to rent it. Together with her sister Patty, a deaf groom, two female maids, a young girl and a hunting dog, they settle down in the house. However, from the first day, uneasiness emerges. Doubt and fear spread like a contagious disease; It also infects John. As the servants run away from home, John begins to feel they have to leave the house. But with his sister's suggestions, he is persuaded to stay home. But now they decide to stop hiring maids and to do their own business and to call their friends home and to offer to stay together until Christmas. John starts to stay in the attic room of Master B, a former resident of the house that is visited from time to time. The first days are spent by newcomers trying to repair parts of the house that they think make noise at night. No one encounters a ghost or an unusual situation. But one morning John notices that he is shaving a little boy in the mirror while he is shaving. He goes to bed thinking about this that night, but wakes up again at midnight and sees Master B's skeleton next to him.
2020-10-18 19:56:45
Invalid floor, the posts have been deleted #3

Grand Master Bunny

Peter666 | from Redmi 5A


As a young buck,i used to be afraid of"Things"under my bed,so i put 📌📍 to scare them off,my Mom really liked that (not)!😁Apart from that, can't really remember anything else!
I always Loved the DARK,so that didn't scare me!👍
2020-10-18 20:54:18

Grand Master Bunny

gungfu155 | from Mi Note 3


Nightmare monitors the person every morning until the adhan is read 1 hour before the morning prayer and checks whether it is funeral. It scares. Dogs howling especially during prayer and cats focusing on one point is another fact associated with jinn.
You can specialize in astral travels and get rich by finding treasures. Provided you make a deal with the devil, of course. Those who read books on these subjects who deal with demons too much may lift the veil in their eyes in time and they can see these mysterious beings even in the dark.
There are up to 100 gins in a normal house. People who are unlucky and unable to finish their work may be under the influence of Alucra from the Yakaza tribe of jinn. The jinn found in the baths are generally young jinn and they try to impress young girls by harassing them. Of course in a negative way. Girls are the most haunted because they are used to acting with their emotions and feelings.
According to the scholars, the jinn come to visit after the last person in the house sleeps. The weddings of the jinn begin with Isha and end with the morning adhan. It is not good to breathe in cigarette smoke and burn incense at home. The smoke draws the demons into that environment, and the more you draw the smoke, the more and more interested in them.
We please the Muslim jinn with every mention of Bismillah. They even hug us. When you drink a drink, the angels next to you cry all night. The "inner voice" is regarded as the addressing of the Muslim jinn to us. Jinn stay away from people who are well-mannered and continue their daily fard prayers and dhikr; He mostly likes stressful people who are weak, fond of worldly pleasures, and constantly fight with those around them.
Since the deceased jinn are always buried under the tree, it is not good to plant them under the trees. We also have a note for those who go to bed without brushing their teeth at night. Behnilem eats the leftovers between our teeth. Jinn eat human waste. Dishes of the jinn are those that are eaten without feeding. In addition, dung and bones are their food.
The jinn are mostly found in baths, music and entertainment places, and in places with pictures and sculptures. Cats are essentially the eyes of most animals and can see demons. Sometimes you can come across fruit trees in cemeteries, so that the jinn leave the dead alone.
There are many recorded incidents in which the ugly and jealous female demons haunt beautiful girls. Burning candles at home unnecessarily is another way to invite the demons. They may think you have a chat at home and come to visit.
In short, I am afraid of the things I do not see
2020-10-18 21:14:00

Wizard Bunny

Ertugrull99 | from MI 8


I cannot stay in a closed room for longer than 1 hour. I'm afraid to look down from high-rise buildings
2020-10-18 21:18:26

Master Bunny

Tommy Joshon | from app


As a kid I'm scared of the dark. Well, kind of, more like overthinking in the dark. Whenever I go to somewhere dark, my mind kept thinking about absolutely everything but mostly demons lurking around somewhere. Maybe I watched too much horror movies and games (my sister loved and loves horror games though). I still overthink in the dark but less about demons now
2020-10-18 21:19:10

Master Bunny

Franticc | from Redmi Note 7


I was watching TV alone at home. My cat was staring at me, staring at me.
I was disturbed by this. I kicked my cat out of the room.
The cat entered the room again. He continued to stare at me.
Finally, I got angry and stood up to put the cat in its cage.
Then I realized that the cat was not looking at me but at the weird smiling thing behind me
2020-10-18 21:20:13

Master Bunny

Mustiecan | from Redmi Note 8 Pro


Tommy Joshon
As a kid I'm scared of the dark. Well, kind of, more like overthinking in the dark. Whenever I go to somewhere dark, my mind kept thinking about absolutely everything but mostly demons lurking around somewhere. Maybe I watched too much horror movies and games (my sister loved and loves horror games though). I still overthink in the dark but less about demons now

Kemal sunal the ghoul character in the milk brothers movie scared me so much as a kid
2020-10-18 21:21:49

Master Bunny

dogannozann | from MI 9


The book Ghost Powder is based on a gripping story about the mysterious events that unfold around a nine-year-old boy named Duchess.
Dusce's father is a determined author of horror books who, despite his failure, does not give up writing.  Her mother is an expert psychologist who runs a bookstore called Tunnel of Fear.  The biggest fun of this nuclear family is to find new topics for the novels that Dusce's father could not finish.
One day, two months ago, the Duchess saw a girl in the window of the couple who moved to their apartment opposite.  I wonder who could be this girl who appeared out of nowhere?  Or do their opposite neighbors have a daughter?  But where was it before?  The dreamer chases after all these mysterious questions, while he discovers that everyone around him has some secrets in his life.
Downstairs neighbors Mrs. Tozlusüslü, the upstairs neighbors the mysterious Bulut Bey, the mustache in her mother's shop, and who else ...
2020-10-18 21:27:00
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