I have an issue with my Mi8 on MIUI Global 11.0.5.
All of a sudden (from today), my phone can't detected any audio device through USB-C port. I use the default jack/usbc dongle.
I can charge my phone and connect it with my PC without any problem.

What I have already tried :
- Cleaning my USB-C port.
- Changing plugging side.
- Powering off my phone for at least 5min and rebooting it.
- Cleaning cache.
- Use different dongles/headphones (all of them working on my friend Mi8 Lite but no one on my phone)
- Checking that "Disable USB audio routing" is not activated.
- Reinstalling the last MIUI update.
- Checking if my phone detect audio device in miui parameters and with an app available on playstore. (my headphone is never detected)

Is anyone experienced the same issue ? What can I do to fix this ? That's really annoying...