Hello guys! Good evening! I am facing some problems with my Xiaomi Mi A3.I have a Bm-800 condenser microphone and I use it on my phone with a USB adapter for type C.It had been working really well on all the devices I used, including Samsung and Motorola.
The problems that occur on my Xiaomi device are:
-Sometimes the cell phone does not recognize the microphone, and when recording the audios the cell phone starts to lock the recording programs;-Sometimes there is a loss of quality (Remembering that this error does not always happen. But it was necessary to restore the cell phone to the factory default for it to work "normally");-It works correctly with a lot of cost, but for a short time.
I've been experiencing these problems after some updates on my phone. Since I had to restore my cell phone to the factory one so that the microphone would actually work on my cell phone, because before, it didn't even receive the signal from the connector, which worked after the restoration, but it still costs a lot and sometimes it's almost impossible to use.
I assume it is more of a software problem, as my phone has no problem at the entrance, or any compromise in its parts.
I would like some help to solve this problem, because I use it for work. Remembering that these problems started to get worse with the update of Android 10.
I'm a big fan of the brand and I love my device!But, I use my microphone for work, and I've only been experiencing this problem on this device.
If someone could help me with this problem or give me some support, I would be very grateful!
Thank you all!