can conform these bugs:
1. big power option after unlocking phone if fingerprint added and disply siza is set to small. no matter you unlock it with pattern or fingerprint. if you unlock with face unlock, it happens sometimes not always.
2. power option in small disply(5.98*1.58 cm) is bigger then it is in default disply(5.49*1.44 cm). to measure this values i take screenshots to photoshop and measure them by it's ruler. if you want to try it yourself just note that photoshop set it's resolution to 72 pixle/inch and because of that image size is 25.4*55.3. to change it to real device disply size set resolution to 281.5 and width to 6.5 and height to 14.08.
3. usb debuging auto enable. to recreate it do following:
a. enable usb debuging once. then disable it.
b. restart the phone.
c. connect to pc. you can see usb debugging in notification.
it happens even if you disable developer option.
4. random reboots (rare but exist)
5. there is strong throttling when temp gets high.... writing in the bugs because other devices i have with similar or even older processors don't do any throttling like mi a3.
6. WiFi becomes extremely slow when connected to a Bluetooth device.

Xiaomi you are a international brand man.
Don't you have that much experienced developers who can't fix these bugs, even in yhe fourth Android 10 update.
Many of these bugs are consistent from the first starting Android 10 update.