This happened around 2006 (I was quite young), my mom and I were having a discussion and she asked me if I've ever taken alcohol. I told her "No" knowing fully well that was a lie and she believed me. Few days later she came back from work and found out that I was so sick that she had to rush me to the hospital that same night.

After going through several tests in the lab, here I was in the doctor's office with my mom for further cross-examination and prescription.

The doctor was at his desk, sitting on an office chair facing me while I sat on another seat facing the doctor and my mum was sitting on a sofa behind me. Then the doctor popped again that same question, "Do you take alcohol?" According to her, my response will determine the type of drug I'll get.

No! was the answer my mom gave to the the doctor and every attempt by the doctor to silence her and make me answer proved futile as my mom was so convinced that I had never taken any drop of alcohol. So in that little moment of disturbance, I WINKED at the doctor giving her a sign that I do take alcohol. She (the doctor) just smiled and started prescribing my drugs and will momentarily shake her head. When she was through and was handing me the note, she Winked at me and we both smile.

I'll always remember my mom and that experience anytime I see someone Wink.

That's my experience

Thanks for reading.