Hye and thanks for the time to you guys who read my entry. First of all, i would like to say that Happy Mothers Day to all of Mothers out there and me as a son We love you forever and ever mom.

Hye, my name is Afiq Firdaus bin Aladin. Come from Malaysia, and my age is 26 for now. Here, i will share to you guys the stories that I had before this as a lie to my mom but for a good reason or deeds. Thanks for your time.

Here, my story is starting when i in the college time. At that time, im always in trouble when comes in money issues but i know in one fine day my mom is always there for me. In college time, i need to use a lot of money which is to survive there. Like someone said to me, there is nothing easy in this world and we need to fight for it. So, in doing my fight part and if doesnt come with great outcome then my mom is my true superhero, haha.

On a fine weeks, i have fasting for two month straights after my saving money is waste for the college and food for survival. Then, on one fine day my mom call me as a instinct from the real superhero as my mom out there. She can feel that i doesnt have any money to survive there but in meantime im trying to deny and hide it from her. I kept saying that i have some money so dont you ever worries mom. I use it in the right ways mom. Believe me okay.

For the next week, im crying all along days cause i got stomach pain and really need to eat something. Then, i call my mum while im crying and saying to her like, Mom i need some cause i having fasting for 2 months straight without your knowing mom. Im so sorry doing that, but i doesnt want to make any trouble to you and dad. Im sorry mom.

So guys, the reason i typing and sharing with you guys this short story is to say that our mom is the best women superhero that always save us from any villain in the world. And she is the best for us. Thanks mom for everything, and i love you so much!

Thanks for read. If i win, the present will go straight to my mom as a happy mother days present. Peace and out! Love you mom! ❤️