I do not know what to say whenever you tell me that my friends might be a bad influence on me. You doubt them of getting me into bad habits. You’re mostly concerned about the habit of smoking as I often reek of cigarettes. I’m sorry that I couldn’t ever come clean to you. But I picked up the habit on my own and there was no one to blame or no one who had influenced me to do so. I started off at the time I got stuck in depression 7 years ago and it just became a habit in a matter of months. I wish I could find any other way back then. All these years that I've smoked, I was afraid to tell you because I think you'd be disappointed in me and that you'd get worried while I couldn't find a way out of it. But I think you should know all of this as you’re the person I care the most about and you’ve cared for me the most as well. And I promise you that I’ll leave it as soon as I can. I promise I’ll make you more proud of me.#StoryofMiFans #ComeCleanToMom