Xiaomi spreading its wings outside China and offering its affordable phones in more regions globally, the Mi 9 is one of the best flagship-grade phones for its price.
MIUI governs the experience, changing Android drastically, presenting changes, customisation and software options that can easily get confusing.
Here are the best tips and tricks to help you find your way through your Xiaomi Mi 9.
Top tip: You can search for any of the settings at the top of the settings menu. Just start typing and relevant suggestions will be returned.
Mi 9 home screen tipsWhether you're a Xiaomi fan or an Android fan, there's plenty you can do around the home screen to cater the experience to your preference.
Change the wallpaper: Long press on the wallpaper of your home screen and you'll see the wallpaper icon bottom left. Tap this and you'll go through to wallpapers to choose. You can choose from animated, photos you've taken or pre-installed. You can choose what you want on the home screen, lock screen or both. You can also access widgets in the same place.
Add or remove app vault: Xiaomi has a screen the the left of the home screen that it calls "app vault". This contains app shortcuts for things you might want to get to quickly. To turn if off, long press on the wallpaper and hit settings  more  app vault. Here you can turn it off.
Add/remove device maintenance options from recent apps: Xiaomi likes to push its maintenance apps (cleaning, security) and will also proffer then up in recent apps. If you don't want them, head into the home screen settings as above and select settings  more  show suggestions. You can turn those suggestions on or off. You can also have the RAM status displayed here.
Create or delete a folder: There's no option for an apps tray in the default MIUI launcher, so to keep things tidy, folders can really help. Just long press on an app and drag it over another app to create a folder. To delete a folder, you can individually drag apps out onto the background, or, if it's a big folder, open the folder and long press on the wallpaper. You can then select all the apps and drag them out in one go.
Rename a folder: It's not obvious, but if you tap on the name at top of a folder (it will probably just say "Folder"), you can change the name of the folder. You can also toggle on suggested apps, but we'd avoid this and it adds adverts to your folders.
Make your folders open faster: MIUI's handling of folders is pretty basic, but you can make them open faster using the accessibility settings to kill animations. Head into settings  additional settings  accessibility  remove animations. This changes quite a lot of things, folders, notification shade, menu navigation. It makes it all faster, but you might not like the results.
Change the launcher: If you really don't like the Mi launcher (home screen and apps tray), switching launcher will quickly change that. Find the launcher you want on Google Play and install it. When you press the home button you'll get a choice of launcher, just pick the new app and tick the "remember my choice" box. To access launchers after this, long press on the wallpaper to access home screen settings  settings  more  default launcher and you can change your selection. You can find out more about Android launchers here.
Access Google Assistant: Just hit the Google Assistant button on the side of the phone and Google Assistant will launch. Or long press on the home button to launch Google Assistant.
Pocket-lintDisplay tips and tricksSchedule blue light filter: Called reading mode in MIUI, you'll find it in settings  display  reading mode. You can change the intensity of the colour as well as define the schedule. Cleverly, if you're watching an HDR video, it will automatically turn off so you get the full effect.

Mute media in silent mode: Silent mode stops calls and notifications, but will allow media sounds like Mp3 music. That means you can be in silent, you can open a game and the music will still play. You can make silent turn off app sounds too in settings  sound & vibration  silent/DND  silent. You'll then see a toggle to "mute music stream".