Latest March 5 patch

1. Overall UI is a little bit Laggy than the previous android 9
2. Stack camera app is a big mess up missing features and also long shutter speed is missing. (big issue for me)
3. Using the same apps for a longer period of time makes them unstable and force close.
4. Bug in Media volume where you cant max out. The fix here is to receieve any notification.
5. Random System UI crash and it looks like the devices is booting to android one logo but when you check the system up time still the counter is there.
6. A little bit of overheating and performance issues in games
people.playing mobile legends reports after the march security patch their High framerate and ultra setting is missing.
7. idk but im not sure with the Fast charging issue
After the android 10 update i dont get anymore 2000mA  in my 18w charger.

Hoping for a fix. I dont stand this bug anymore thinking about to custom rom.