Hi Everyone,

As a long fan of Xiaomi, I started with Xiaomi smartphones and Mi devices.
However, at some point, budget issues abroad, I needed a smartphone with B20 and B28.

And here the Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition (normally Taiwan variant).

With it, B20, B28, Well balanced and worth the money, I found my smartphone for the time being.

It came out of the box with MIUI 9.5 under Lolipop and later with Marshmallow.

In the photo, I choose to add a black edge glass protector. The Pink Gold was a nice color and changed from my previous devices.

Back in time, buying a middle range smartphone, I was quite concerned for the update, quality build and of course performance.
After one week, I got no more.
The RN3 Pro SE was well balanced, the network captation was flawless too and the SD 650 get enough juice for daily and game operations.
It was also one I used with any protection case. I loved the sensation and the build-in my hand. Many times I dropped it on the floor and no breaks, nothing, still in perfect shape, lucky me.

Later, I was able to buy a high end one from a competitor (for 3 times the price).
Truth to be told, I kept my RN3 as my main smartphone for day to day use and almost for 2 years, switching from primary to secondary, bringing him to my vacation and foreign countries as the frequency bands supported was just tremendous back in time.

Xiaomi wasn't known as a photo performer. However, the Redmi still managed to capture some nice shots with its 16Mp sensor. Even the quality in low light wasn't the same as one, I was surprised how it was able to manage the situation.
It's fun now looking at the photo Exif seeing ''Xiaomi Redmi Note'' knowing how Redmi evolved and gain freedom from Xiaomi.

I miss this little baby (remember 5.5'' screen?). I almost forget, IPS screen. That was awesome for this price range. And with the 4050mAh... Rocksolid for 2 days and more.

Sure with the RN8 Pro and now the Redmi Note 9 (any variant) and the flagship K30 Pro, Redmi is winning the heart, the mind and the wallet of many of us. Is this nostalgia or the new ''no concession'' approach from Xiaomi. Who knows?

However, next year, I might buy a Redmi Flagship :)