Every mobile phone nowadays comes with an option called Airplane mode. We all know aeroplane mode for turning off all the Bluetooth, Wi Fi, cellular and data networks. everyone has experienced the buzzing sound of the speaker when the smartphone is placed near it and that when we put the aeroplane mode on. But what is it exactly used for? why are we given such option? Let's see below:It is mainly created so that while boarding the flight, the aeroplane signal don't interrupt your device and vice versa. it can also be used when you don't want to be disturbed the calls and messages while you are into something important.However, while on aeroplane mode, you can still access the local applications, videos, music and other things on your smartphones. in some devices, you can also use wifi and Bluetooth.While in the flight, people often use wifi provided by the airlines for their travellers. It also a great way to save your battery life. It even helps in charging the battery faster if you put the phone on aeroplane mode and this for sure, comes as a life hack.