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2017-07-13 22:38:10
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We have often heard that we should keep our smartphones away from our body when we go to bed by end of the day. People telling you this provide you with a reason that the electromagnetic radiations coming out of those smartphones are not good for your body. Well, for a fact they are completely right, you must have not given attention to a certain specification of a smartphone named as its SAR Value.

While buying a smartphone users are usually concerned about the camera, display, processor or battery but this specification is something which is really for your health but nobody usually talks about it.
What is SAR and What are its Limits?
SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate, this value signifies the amount of radiation (in Watts) which is absorbed by per unit KG of your body. In case of smartphones SAR is measured by keeping the phone in the talking position and then calculating the amount of radiation absorbed by the part of your head which is closest to the antennas of the smartphone.

The maximum value limit allowed in India is 1.6 W/Kg, this calculation for SAR value is usually done by the manufacturers of the smartphones and then sold out in the market. Any smartphone having a SAR value more than this number cannot be sold in India. US also follows the same standards for the SAR level, but US completely relies on the calculations and the procedures shown by the smartphone manufacturers in order to calculate the SAR value of a smartphone, where India is more strict in this case. In India, there is government run laboratory named Telecommunication Engineering Center which calculates this value by choosing any of the smartphones randomly produced by the manufacturer and then verifies it with the data provided by the manufacturer.
SAR Value is not Constant
These SAR Values are calculated when the phone is in its finest condition, this value may vary as per the usage of the device, the older a device gets its SAR value keeps on surging. While having long conversation over a smartphone with higher SAR value may result in uneasiness, headaches and feeling nauseated. Ignoring these signs of discomfort may lead to harsh consequences.

Few of the Smartphones with Lowest SAR Values
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – 0.17 SAR ValueSamsung Galaxy S3 – 0.34 SAR ValueHTC One Max – 0.50 SAR ValueLG G2 – 0.51 SAR Value
Where is it Mentioned?
It is usually mentioned on the bottom of the box which packs the smartphone, please check the image as a reference to its position. In case if its not mentioned there, then you can definitely search about on internet or ask the shopkeeper for the same. Never buy that smartphone, if you cannot retrieve its SAR Value by any of the means mentioned above.

Is It Really that Useful?
The maximum limit of this parameter has been mentioned as 1.6W/Kg and so all the smartphones under this limit are safe and healthy to use. You cannot actually differentiate much in the radiations emitted by the smartphones with different SAR Value because it largely depends upon the circumstances under which it is being used and how frequently it is being used.
A smartphone with a lower SAR Value can emit more radiations than a smartphone with higher SAR value if the smartphone with higher SAR is being used under normal conditions and the one with lower SAR is being under poor signal strength areas.
Measures To Counter the Electromagnetic Absorption from your Smartphones.
Try to use headsets all the time, avoid putting your phone on your ears. This is the best way to stay away from radiations of your smartphones.Try to use texts more instead of calling every now and then, Call only when it is really important. Tests are usually short and to the point, so it saves lots of your time too.Switch off your phone when you go to bed or put your phone on the airplane mode and then turn ON the WiFi, if you want anyone to reach out to you via internet (incase it’s a matter of emergency).You can use various cases available out in the market which claim to shield this radiation, but we are not sure whether those cases are reliable or not.Avoid using your phone in those areas where the signal strength is poor, because while searching for the network your antennas keep on producing the radiations to their maximum limit.Lastly, after following all these measures if you still feel threatened due to some symptoms mentioned above, then you should go ahead and replace your smartphone.
SAR Value is just a reference to tell that the smartphone is safe to use, but you are never sure about its radiation which may harm you. So, follow the tips which have been mentioned above irrespective of how low SAR value your smartphone has. Let us know,if you want to know anything more about this specification of a smartphone.
2017-07-13 22:38:10
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Rashid kamaal | from Redmi Note 4


Nice information and the details
2017-07-13 23:46:34

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Purna Pradhan | from MI MAX


nice information
2017-07-14 00:19:36

Advanced Bunny

Dwaipayan Biswas | from Redmi Note 4


never buy a xiaomi product. I had bought a redmi note 4 on 24th March. But it was heating up to 48°c so I got it exchanged within 2 days of receiving the phone. Within 11 days do pixels started appearing all over the screen. When I took it to the Hazra service center in Kolkata they said 'all redmi note 4's have do pixel, come back when there will be two to three times more dot pixels than at present'. But somehow on forcing them they changed the display. Now after two more months my battery back up has gone down to two hours. And 70% of my pdahas come out of the frame. So I brought it to the asansol service center they showed me the battery and it has swollen immensely. But they are not servicing my phone because the Hazra service center had not sealed it. They want me to take it back to Hazra service center. So basically I have to spend 2000 rupees in traveling to get my phone repaired for free. Never buy an xiaomi phone. Their sevicing is even worse than their phones. never buy a xiaomi product.
2017-07-14 00:33:56


Uddit Goyal | from app


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Rashid kamaal | from Redmi Note 4


Nice information and the details
2017-07-14 02:38:33

Pro Bunny

Arun Steyn Author | from Redmi 3S


Dwaipayan Biswas
never buy a xiaomi product. I had bought a redmi note 4 on 24th March. But it was heating up to 48° ...

not all devices are like that...please do look for good handset model
2017-07-14 02:51:21

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Arun Steyn Author | from Redmi 3S


Rashid kamaal
Nice information and the details

thank u so much
2017-07-14 02:51:42

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Arun Steyn Author | from Redmi 3S


Rashid kamaal
Nice information and the details

thanks a lot
2017-07-14 02:52:00

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MaHesh21 | from Redmi Note 3


good info.......
2017-07-14 05:07:59

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Arun Steyn Author | from Redmi 3S


good info.......

Thank you dude
2017-07-14 07:23:12
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