I recently updated my Xiaomi Redmi 6A last month to MIUI Global 10 v10.4.4 and just noticed that I am now unable to write, copy or move files to my OTG Flash drive but I can read files on it just fine.

The problem is definitely not on my OTG Flash drive because I have tested it already on 3 different devices. A Desktop PC, a Laptop and on router/media server and it worked just fine. Both read and write operations.

It's probably not my phone's hardware also because I can still connect it to a PC or Laptop and still be able to read and write into it and vice versa.

I used to be able to write, copy and move files to OTG Flash drive before I updated to v10.4.4. Now it can only do so for a very short time. Just like any file larger than 1 mb when it's copied or moved into my OTG flash drive results in a failed operation. With only some of it written into my OTG Flash drive.

Am I the only one experiencing this? How do I fix this?