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[Discussion] 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wireless Frequencies in Router

2017-06-03 12:02:30
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Hi Mi Fans,

I saw most of people are taking about Mi Router 3C  Wireless Frequencies  2.4 Ghz why its don't have 5 Ghz.  Well 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are simply different frequencies, and each has its advantages and disadvantages

What is 2.4GHz Wi-Fi?

The 2.4GHz band uses the 2.4GHz spectrum to transmit and receive data. It has a good coverage range and it can deal with physical obstructions such as walls and furniture relatively well.

The main problem is that the 2.4GHz frequency can get crowded due to the large amount of devices that use the same range. This can include everything from the routers belonging to other people in your building to non-wifi devices like cordless phones and baby monitors.

What is 5GHz Wifi?

The 5GHz band uses the 5GHz spectrum to transmit data. It allows data to be transferred at a faster speed although it doesn't have as much range (as 2.4GHz) and physical barriers can be more of a problem - 2.4GHz can penetrate walls better.

Both the 802.11n and the 802.11ac wireless standard provide support for 5GHz wifi. As well as the really old .11a, but it's highly unlikely any of you are using this!

The primary differences between the two frequencies are the range (coverage) and bandwidth (speed) that the bands provide. The 2.4 GHz band provides coverage at a longer range but transmits data at slower speeds. The 5 GHz band provides less coverage but transmits data at faster speeds.

Lets See it in more details about 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz


If you simply compare the speeds available on the two bands then 5GHz is the clear winner. It can transmit higher amounts of data and as such is well suited for the types of applications used on higher end devices such as tablets, laptops, and PCs. This is because these devices often need to transmit a lot of data for local storage video streaming and file sharing.
The latest wireless standard 802.11c uses the 5.GHz band precisely because it can transmit higher amounts of data per second.
2.4GHz on the other hand is slower but should still be good enough for most things when it comes to browsing the web. Unless you need to share huge files fast, or stream HD/4k videos on a local network, 2.4GHz should be fine for you!

Range (how far your data can travel):

In most cases, the higher the frequency of a wireless signal, the shorter its range, or how far your data can travel, will be. The biggest reason for this is that higher frequency signals cannot penetrate solid objects like walls and floors as well as lower frequency signals. Thus, the 2.4 GHz has a farther range than the 5 GHz frequency.

Bandwidth .

Higher frequencies allow faster transmission of data, also known as bandwidth. Higher bandwidth means that files will download and upload faster, and high-bandwidth applications such as streaming video will perform much smoother and faster. Therefore, the 5GHz with its higher bandwidth will provide much faster data connections than 2.4 GHz.


Many devices only use the 2.4 GHz frequency, and these devices are all attempting to use the same “radio space” which can cause overcrowding of the channels. The 5GHz band has 23 available channels for devices to use vs. the 3 available on the 2.4 GHz band.

Overcrowding and interference can cause slower speeds and intermittent connectivity issues. Some examples of devices that can cause interference:
•    Microwaves

•     Cordless phones

•     Baby monitors

•     Garage door openers

So, which should you choose, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?

  • If faster speeds are most important to you, 5GHz is usually a better choice than 2.4 GHz.
  • If wireless range is more important to you, 2.4 GHz is usually a better choice than 5 GHz.
  • If you have a lot of devices that use 2.4 GHz and you are experiencing interference or intermittent connectivity issues, then 5 GHz is probably a better option.
  • Fewer devices are capable of using the 5GHz channel than the 2.4GHz channel.
  • The range is lower in the 5 GHz band because higher frequencies cannot penetrate solid objects, such as walls and floors. However, higher frequencies allow data to be transmitted faster than lower frequencies, so the 5 GHz band allows you to upload and download files faster.

Here is ome details about  Mi Router 3C

Smarter router, faster Wi-Fi
4 high-performance antennas
300Mbps speed, 80m Wi-Fi range
Mi Wi-Fi app (Android and iOS compatible)

Thanks For Reading This Thread, Keep Using Mi Community For Interesting Articles.

2017-06-03 12:02:30
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Mi Rox your box.

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