In an increasingly interconnected world, thanks to Xiaomi and the myriad of gadgets on the market, the different technologies used to connect these devices play a fundamental role. One of these technologies is one that many of you will know as ZigBee.

Well, it is news today that the Xiaomi ecosystem will use the latest ZigBee3.0 connection protocol for the first time. ZigBee3.0 will in fact be present in several Xiaomi products whose presentation has already been scheduled for 8 July 2019. Obviously we are talking about a new series of gadgets for the home.

New Xiaomi Products With ZigBee 3.0 Protocol Coming In July 8.

According to some research, from here to the year 2025, the number of IoT (Internet of Things) smart products will reach 70 billion, with a global market that will be worth 11 trillions of US dollars. Already now, in the 2019, the IoT gadget market in China has a value of 300 billion US dollars, which will increase to around 360 billion of the 2020.

With the increase in the number of IoT product manufacturers and the advancement in technology, smart homes will become a reality, with many devices being available in a wireless version instead of a wired version.

In the smart home industry, there are four most popular connection technologies: WiFi, Z-Wave, ZigBee and SmartRoom. Among them, WiFi and ZigBee are without a doubt the most widespread. The WiFi technology in particular is the most economical and can be used to connect devices to any access point, while the negative has little stability and some connection limitations. As for ZigBee, this is a two-way, short-range wireless connection, low complexity, low energy consumption, low speed and low costs.

Returning to Xiaomi, the brand is not new in the use of ZigBee technology, in fact we already have it on Mijia Smart Socket (ZigBee Edition) and on the Aqara Wireless Switch (Zigbee Edition).

Now we just have to see what new Xiaomi products we will find the new ZigBee 3.0 standard.

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