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[Announcement] Setup Mi Router 3C as Wi-Fi Repeater or Range Extender

2017-05-21 11:30:18
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Hello Mi Fans!
Mi India's new product in personal Wi-Fi Routers range -The "Mi Router 3C" is not only a sleek & beautiful device but it comes with some nifty features as well. One of the very useful features is the ability to use it in Repeater mode - Yes, another reason to buy MI Router 3C even if you already have a Wi-Fi router at home. So, Lets see how to set-up Mi Router 3C as a Repeater (or Range Extender)

What is a Repeater?
  • We are going to use Mi Router 3C as Wi-Fi Repeater or Range Extender to extend your Wi-Fi network. This is useful if you need a wide area coverage, (i.e. your home has multiple floor).
  • Mi Router 3C can be used both wired & wireless network extender (I am discussing only wireless, if you want to do the wired one then it is mostly the same)

What you need?
  • A working Wi-Fi Network i.e. an additional router with an active Wi-Fi connection. After all we are going to use this method to extend an existing Wi-Fi network using Mi Wi-Fi Router 3C.
  • Mi Router 3C with power cable.
  • A Pin to reset the router > a Sim tray ejector pin  (mine is custom made from a paper clip.. )
  • Optional: LAN cable (only if you want to extend the Wired network)
  • Mi Wi-Fi Router firmware version in use: ver 2.8.25 (Stable). I am using this rom but for other roms and other Mi routers (which are not lunched in India) setup will be similar.

Reset Router: (For a New Mi Router 3C, it is not required)

  • Connect the router to Power > wait for LED to become 'Blue'
  • Take the pin & hold down the reset button at the back.
  • Wait for LED colour to change. LED colour will change in -> Blue > Orange > Blink(orange)
  • Remove it from Power & re-connect to Power. Wait for LED to become Blue.
  • Check the Wi-Fi networks in Mobile (or Laptop). Verify that you have the default SSIDs (networks).
  • If you see SSIDs like Xiaomi_XXXX_XXXX - then Reset completed successfully.
  • lf you still see the old SSID then try to reset again

    ~Steps from Mobile~

Step 1. Download Mi Wifi App from Google Playstore

Step 3. Open the App and Accept the pop-ups for various permissions.
Step 4. Click on "Set up a new router" > You will see "Checking connection..."
Step 5. Next Step will give you the option to choose the Wi-Fi mode > Choose "Wireless repeater mode"
Step 6. Tap on "Wi-Fi network" > Choose your home Wi-Fi network
Step 7. Enter your Wi-Fi Password > Click on "Finish"
Step 8. You will see following message "Applying Settings"

Note: This is the last step - Your Mi Router 3C is ready to be used as Repeater. Connect back to your home Wi-Fi network - you are good to go.

Steps from your Laptop's browser:

Step 1. Connect to Mi Router 3C Wi-Fi network -Xiaomi_XXXX_XXXX (or Connect via a LAN cable)
Step 2. Open a browser (I am using Internet Explorer) - (Default system browser lunches automatically once LAN cable is connected in Windows 10 -An observation)
Step 3. Go to http://miwifi.com/ or > Click on "Agree"

Step 4. Choose "Amplifier mode (extend existing Wi-Fi)"
Step 5. Choose an existing wireless network >
(It detects your saved Wi-Fi network automatically - An observation)
Step 6. Enter your password > Click "Next"
Step 7. You can set an separate Network and secondary password for the new network from below - Just click "Skip" if you don't want to use an new SSID/wi-fi network name.
Step 8. Next page lets you set up your Wi-Fi Location and Admin password (this will be required for next time when you login to router) > After setting your Password click "Set up successfully"
Step 9. Last Page > Click on "Connect to Network" - This will re-direct to google.com > Enjoy Surfing


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2017-05-21 11:30:18
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1664436747 | from Redmi Note 3


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2017-06-03 21:53:34
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Er. Deep Author | from Redmi Note 3


Abhinava Mukherjee
Nicely explained. Thanks for sharing this thread.
@Er. Deep I have just 1 question regarding the  ...

Mi Router uses 192.168.31.x private network (by default) - where 1st IP of the network is reserved for Router administration (i.e. whereas most of the other Routers (Netgear/D-link/TP-link etc.) use 192.168.0.x private network (by default) & for administration (Router Web login page).

When you connect Mi Router to a non Mi Router in Repeater mode, it just re-broadcasts the 192.168.0.x network & hence you will not be able to access the default administration page via - So, in this scenario only way to manage the Mi Router 3C is via Mi Wi-Fi app.

In short, there is no issues on using Mi Router 3C in repeater mode with any other Router. (I am using it with a D-link router came along with my Airtel V-fiber connection)
2017-06-06 13:25:48
Clearly Explained.
Will be Helpful for many
2017-05-21 11:39:42

Semi Pro Bunny

Lohith Ks Chalam | from Redmi Note 3


Informative and cleanly documented.
2017-05-21 11:49:05

MIUI beta tester

luvxiaomi | from app


Thanks for such a detailed guide, useful for newbies like me.
2017-05-21 12:25:10
luvxiaomi replied at 2017-05-22 12:55 AM
Thanks for such a detailed guide, useful for newbies like me.

You are Not a newbie sir. you are proffessional
2017-05-21 12:38:04

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Dr.Chinmay | from mobile


Well explained, thanks for this thread☺️
2017-05-21 18:11:38
Thanks for the wonderful explanation buddy, keep it up!
2017-05-21 19:48:03
Thanks for this much needed thread. Good explanation and step-wise SS for easy setup.
2017-05-21 21:47:42
Mi Community India

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qamit | from Redmi Note 3


Great Thread. Thank you for helping.
2017-05-22 00:51:01
Thank You..
Amit Karmakar.

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Greeni | from Redmi Note 4


never in stock
2017-05-23 01:09:26

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sid6225 | from app


its great work done
2017-05-24 00:48:11
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