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[Review] Mi Band 2: The New Affordable Fitness Expert [Full Review]

2016-09-05 05:00:46
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Greetings MI FANS,

One of the most popular wearables got a massive upgrade this year with the new Xiaomi Mi Band 2. The first Mi Band was a breakthrough because of its battery life, compact size, and bargain price. Then the Mi Band Pulse added a heart-rate sensor, but took the RGB notification LEDs.

And now - with the Mi Band 2, Xiaomi fans all around the world are finally getting the display they wished for.

Xiaomi's Mi Band 2 keeps the iconic design, but replaces the three LED lights with a 0.42" OLED display. There is also a touch-sensitive key below the tiny screen, which helps you switch between the different notification panes.

Other notable upgrades are the bigger battery (70mAh), improved HR sensor, better motion tracking sensor, and enhanced Bluetooth connectivity.The strap also got a refreshed design.


Straps of the Mi Band 2 is the only thing in the design inherited from the elder Mi Band, strap material is made of silicone plastic, is lightweight and fits hand, enough so that you do not feel heavy or entangled when wearing this device anywhere on time regardless. The price of the Mi Band 2 was significantly higher than the first-generation Mi Band So why is that? Because this device possesses a wrist OLED consistent quality, all notifications are displayed clearly with indoor light conditions and outdoors.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is equipped with a 0:42 inch OLED screen with scratch resistant and anti-fingerprint, until the time of their current use is still not a scratch on this screen, and fingerprints are stick back a little bit. In some special conditions, the screen retains plenty of moisture and grease so you remember to pay attention not to bring Mi Band 2 to the bathroom or cooking.
Below the display Xiaomi equipped with its bracelet a power sensor nodes, allowing you to switch between the tabs displayed watches, heart rate, steps, the amount of calories consumed. You can view the time by raising the wrist on the screen will automatically light, however, this feature is not very accurate work it takes about 2 seconds delay when do the lift arms up

Band 2 mi owns Standard IP67 against water and dust, so you do not have to worry when using this device in the shower or wash your hands, however, I recommend bringing swimming really is not one at all. About the color of the device, in the opening ceremony Xiaomi has announced that there will be plenty of color to the option, but most of the equipment comes on black, but the color is not dynamic young but will be easy to clean dirt and more in the course of use.


Mi Band 2 is a bracelet is very suitable for those you care about your health and fitness routine, it can track steps, distance traveled, calories burned and manage both your sleep. These indicators are measurable machine quite accurate. All the equipment parameters of our bracelets will be recorded and displayed on Mi Fit app, this is quite easy to track, but it also takes a certain period of about 1 to 2 minutes to be able to accurately updated.

Besides tracking the footsteps Mi Band 2 can feel the brightness to track your sleep and deep sleep time of the device wearer, this mode will be fully automated so you do not need any every action to move your bracelet to control sleep mode. When you wake up, you can check all parameters of your sleep through applications Fit Mi, Mi Band 2 also supports silent alarm feature, if you want to wake up but not the hours reported form or phone call loudly, this device will be for you, it will continue to vibrate until the user actually awake.
One ad features headline Xiaomi bracelet to monitor his health which is the ability to measure heart rate.

Chinese electronics manufacturers are also introducing their Mi Band 2 can monitor your heart rate automatically, but there is a point when your exercise routine, the machine can not give confirmation parameters , forcing you to stop working in order to check your heart rate accurately. However, it is not an optimal method to use with athletes or simply people who practice sport regularly, sometimes though just active but his heart rate measured still inadequate should make sure that the Mi Band 2 was measured wrong.

The plus point of this device to measure heart rate features compared to the first generation of Mi Band is that you can easily request it performs the inspection process parameters thanks to the display and buttons capacitive sensors of the machine.
One of my favorite things on the Mi Band 2 is the smart features idle warning. The device will automatically vibrate to remind the user if they did not work about 1 hour, we can completely customize timed intervals and the bracelet will idle warning. Most people today have the office work or even for the students, students are plunged into books sit still for quite some time and this is not healthy at all, should idle warning features of Mi Band 2 really useful

Finally a feature that most devices when connected wrist phones have received notification that, thanks to the OLED display messages such as messages or calls, notifications can be displayed facebook , but only in the form of icons, this is the point advantage over both compared to the first generation of Mi Band. However, the ability to receive notifications is not absolutely 100% accurate, and can not blame Mi Band 2 is because the majority of Android devices are experiencing this situation, vulnerable transmission line by connecting bluetooth bracelet or key from your smartphone run into problems or the distance between the two devices are too far apart. Until the present time, only a few high-end equipment new wrist minimize this situation as Apple or Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch S2.


True to what advertising Xiaomi Mi Band 2 can be used continuously for 20 days, its demand is always enabled devices to continuously receive notifications, updates the technical parameters such as the number of steps foot, distance traveled, calories consumed and controlled sleep, heart rate monitors your every day 2 or 3 times.

Charging device of Xiaomi bracelet is easy, simply insert the device into its first special charger and take resources from anywhere, such as a computer or charger are. However, this weakness is charging too special standards should have lost the charger wire, then it is so hard to earn retail rope outside to replace, so you should keep this charger cord carefully a bit offline.


Let's start with advantages, Mi Fit can easily find on the App Store and Play Store or support Vietnamese, and other platforms, then we are not in a position to try, it's a nice GUI application, display your activities as step count, heart rate, calories burned, sleep time with specific figures, when connected to a certain peripherals such as Mi Band.

You can view real-time charts each day, each week or each month. But the statistical information is only your activities during the day and sleep, for the measured heart rate is simply the numbers are arranged in chronological order and did not have any comparative table to see the improvement of both the users themselves.

Fit Mi interface is divided into 3 main sections Status, Play and Profile. Status tab will be the app's home screen, where you will find the statistics of your daily activities, the Play tab to notification options, set alarms and warnings is idle (idle). Finally the Profile tab where you can change your personal information, goals to achieve and connect with friends.

Connectivity features are very interesting friends, we can see the information and check their practice schedule reminder or a motivation to accomplish your goals that you set. Make friends with someone on Mi Fit by scanning their QR code, but in reality, not many people use this feature.


Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is basically a tracking bracelet in good health when it has a very affordable price the ability to track activity and sleep time is very accurate, a nice design, good battery life and heart rate monitor if it is an athlete or someone who likes sports Then Mi Band 2 is a Perfect Choice For Them.

Credits :- GSM Arena & Google.


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2016-09-05 05:00:46
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Thanks for detail information on Mi Band 2.
2016-09-05 05:07:19


aditya10dulkar | from app


Awesome , detailed  information ! Waiting for it to launch in India
2016-09-05 11:18:55

Spam Hunter

parag purkar | from app


necessary for health cautious person, hope launch in India soon
2016-09-06 09:46:29

Super moderator

AMALMURALEE Author | from mobile


parag purkar
necessary for health cautious person, hope launch in India soon

It will be soon
2016-09-08 00:34:59
Awesome.. any idea on when this will be launched in India?
2016-09-08 01:18:07

Master Bunny

syedosman | from app


Thank for the summary... Great features
2016-09-08 09:32:39

Pro Bunny

SunnyRanjan847 | from app


Mr. Power... Will get u...
2016-09-08 14:58:40

Master Bunny

piyush1976 | from app


Anyway how hard and diehard fans we are but still mi india is in no hurry to launch new gadget here in India...
2016-09-08 15:17:09
Tech savy

Pro Bunny

shivam bhai | from app


Goood info...
2016-09-08 23:31:54
Great Dude
2016-09-09 03:39:46
akshay kumar
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