Mi game name " Dance With Mi Challenge" game is totally bad and Fake game, Mi promise- if you finish this game, you will receive 500 rupees cash coupon, 23 times you match the beat, but every time you will fail at the last beat of 23, evey things goes well of 22 beat but how it will be possible to fail every time at the beat of 23. I play it for more than 2 hours and every time I fail at 23 number of beat. And Mi says to share this game on Facebook atleast 5 friend and tag them to this game and you will chance to win Redmi 4. Mi clearly cheating with us, how cheap startagy to promote or marketing their phones, if you have same problem then give me a feedback. I think MI maybe delete my this message. I am also a big fan of MI products and I have a MI phone but this marketing strategy is very bad cheap. MI cheating with their MI fans which too bad for their lover BAD STRATEGY MI IT HURT'S FOR MI LOVER'S