I have a recently purchased a Redmi 6 that has received OTA the MIUI Global 10.3 Stable (OCGMIXM), Android 8.1.0 O11019 patchlevel 2019-03-01. After installing TWRP and Magisk 19.1 I tried to delete some Xiaomi system apps, but that doesn't work: after a reboot the removed app is back in place!

I tried for example with Mi Videoplayer, these are my findings:

  • I delete the app via adb shell, after mount -o remount,rw /system I remove the folders /system/app/MiuiVideoPlayer/ and /data/data/com.miui.videoplayer/ The folders are gone, but they reappear intact after the reboot.
  • I try to add a file to the /system/app/MiuiVideoPlayer/ directory, after a reboot the added file has disappeared.
  • I tried to delete the app with Titanium Backup, using root permissions: after the reboot the app returns in place.

It seems incredible to me that such behavior has not already been noticed and analyzed by anyone, but I can't find any documentation about it.

P.S. to hide some bloatware I have for now used the pm disable package method, which seems to work and resists to reboot.