Hello MIUIers,
Xiaomi presented a new ceiling dryer from the brand Mr. Bond. Unlike the one released earlier, this one takes up much less space and is cheaper. A motor is built in the dryer that allows you to lower and raise the sliding rods with a single button press to hang clothes. They can dry any things, including heavy blankets - the mechanism is designed for weight up to 15 kg.

Bars are lowered down to a distance of 1.2 meters from the ceiling. Taking into account the sliding parts, their length reaches 1.7 meters. On the main bar there are 10 holes, allowing to dry clothes right on the hangers.

A LED lamp is provided at the base of the device, allowing the device to act as a ceiling light. You can control it, like the lifting mechanism itself, from the remote control that is mounted on the wall, or from your smartphone, if the dryer is connected to the Xiaomi smart home system.

The body and all moving mechanisms are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, and the rod cable is made of durable steel. The drive itself is protected from overload and uneven tension. It is covered by a 5-year warranty.