I experienced problem where i cannot send pdf attachment from Gmail to my notebook on Microsoft OneNote app. I cannot even export pdf from any other apps besides Gmail into OneNote app. when i tried,it kept saying 'Open OneNote app to set it up for note sharing'

Previously i can send pdf attachment on Gmail to OneNote app flawlessly. It was on Galaxy Note FE with Android 8.0 and Samsung Experience 9.0.

Now i am using Redmi Note 5 on Android 8.1 Global MIUI
this phone is surely great but sending pdf attachments into OneNote is one of my essential activity on smartphone since im using iPhone and then moved to Android

Is there anyone experience the same? if not what is the best OneNote alternative beside Evernote? i mean the cross platform app coz im using iOS and Android at the same time and OneNote is solid for cross platform sync. thank you