I'm a big fan of the mi band 2, just "upgraded" and I'm not totally liking it. Just wanted to know what people who have previously used the mi band 2 what they think of the new one.

The only pros I see are the brighter and more easy to see screen. I really didn't care much that I couldn't see the text outdoors on the mi band 2 since I used it for it's tracking features, not for it's timekeeping. I also like the find my device function. That's about it.

Larger size. For me the band was an activity tracker and I liked the relatively low profile of the mi band 2. The 3 is much more prominent on the wrist. Some people might not mind the larger size but I find the longer and thicker unit is less comfortable and keeps bumping into things when I'm around the house.

Display - The display area is all glass, or plastic. I don't see it being scratch free for long. It's also a dust and smudge magnet.

Touch screen - Did the they really need a touch or swipe screen for something with such simple interface? The worst thing is that the totally glass or plastic display smudges easily and when you swipe to cycle through the displays. It's especially clear to me in the dark when the smudges give the display that cloudy effect from the smudges caused by the fingerprints. I wish they would come up with an update to allow tapping to run cycle through the displays to avoid this.

It's still great value and it's not bad overall, just not much of an upgrade over the band 2 imo.