Google Assistant is coming soon to Android TV

Android TV may not be the most popular method to view all of your movies and TV shows, but the Google streaming platform can be an easy and powerful addition to your home entertainment setup. During CES 2017 this week, the Mountain View company has announced that the Google Assistant AI will soon be coming to all supported set-top boxes and TVs running the Android TV OS.

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Despite Google making a big effort to promote their new Google Assistant, as of now it is still confined only to the messaging app Allo, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, and the Google Home smart speaker. Last month, the developer platform called Actions on Google was released to implement more third party services for Google Home.

Android TV long has had a voice-enabled search function where the user could look up specific movie or TV show titles, or even ask more general questions such as “show me Oscar winning movies from 2004.” While this is certainly handy, the queries didn’t go much beyond that and required the user to hold the voice button on their remote. With the coming addition of Google Assistant, this all will change.

Google Assistant won’t be added to supported devices until sometime in the coming months, starting with the NVIDIA SHIELD and all Android TVs running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat. Once it’s available, you’ll be able to start a search simply by saying the “Ok Google” command as you already do on other compatible devices like the Google Nexus or Pixel phones.

What will be especially handy with having Google Assistant is the ability to have a more conversational approach to finding the content you want. You’ll be able to say anything from “Play Stranger Things on Netflix” to “Search YouTube for Jimmy Kimmel,” play the first video and simply say “Play the second one” to continue down the list of all Jimmy Kimmel content.

Even more interesting will be the integration Google Assistant on Android TV will have with your connected “smart home” devices as well as the information already present in your Google account and related apps. So while watching a movie, for example, you’ll be able to say “dim the lights” to do just that or even ask Google Assistant your commute time to work.

It’s great to see the Google Assistant platform expanding to more devices and services. Google also has announced that at some point in the future you’ll see Google Assistant come to Android Wear 2.0 and some Android Auto services all part of the Google Assistant SDK. No specific information was given other than just that, but will certainly will keep an eye out for any updates.

Are you excited for this upcoming feature for your Android TV?

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Source: Google