Back in 2006, Google announced that they had acquired YouTube for a little over a billion dollars. Given YouTube’s popularity, safe to say that Google has pretty much the monopoly when it comes to online video watching. Of course there are alternatives such as DailyMotion and Vimeo, and if the rumors are to be believed, it seems that Microsoft could be interested in purchasing some stake in DailyMotion. In fact it was back in 2013 that we had heard the rumors that Yahoo themselves had purchased a 75% stake in DailyMotion, so we have no wonder how much of a stake Microsoft will be able to get.

This is according to the folks at Reuters who then cited a report from Le Journal du Dimanche in France who revealed that Orange, DailyMotion’s owner, is in talks with Microsoft over a potential stake in the company. This is actually accurate to a certain degree because Orange’s CEO, Stephane Richard, did state that the company was close to signing a partnership in the US, although he did not state which company DailyMotion would be signing a deal with. However his suggestions that it was a “major player” in the digital economy, some have speculated that he could be talking about Microsoft. Given Google’s dominance with YouTube, it is not surprising to think that Microsoft would want a stake in the digital video market as well.