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[Review&Unboxing] Xiaomi Mi PM2.5 Detector-Air Quality Detector

2017-04-17 00:27:58
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Mi PM 2.5 Detector — your own eco-station
Supersensitive laser sensorOLED-display with color codingSupport interaction with Mi Air PurifiersClock functionInbuilt batteryCompact and lightweight chassis
How clean is the air you breathe?They say we could see a burning candle light at a distance of more than 20 km if the air was absolutely clean. We can only imagine how that would be, because, unfortunately, our view is reduced by dust and gasses that come with many health-related harms. The most dangerous pathogens floating around are fine suspended particles PM2.5 that can reside in the atmosphere for a long time without settling to the ground. They are a cause of allergies and more severe diseases.
Intelligent interaction with Mi Air PurifiersYou are lucky if you already have Mi Air Purifier 2 or MiJia Air Purifier Pro. The smart air detector works well in tandem with these purifiers, enabling them to read its air quality indications. Pre-set a permissible limit of the pollution and if the detector shows value exceeding that limit, Mi Air Purifier will automatically start working. Now purifying the air inside your home became more simple and intelligent!
Good morning! Air purification has been completedMi PM2.5 detector starts its day long before the first rays of sunshine reach your room. Get up and enjoy morning fresh air that injects your body with energy! Switch to time mode and be sure to be everywhere in time.
Good night! Let Mi Air Purifier rest as wellThroughout the day Mi Air Purifier ensures that fresh and clean air circulates in your house. Set Mi PM2.5 timer for an automatic purifier switch-off and let it have a rest too. Need a total silence and darkness to fall asleep? Mi PM2.5 monitor will reduce its screen brightness during night hours not to disturb your sleep.
Palm-sized eco-station fits in your pocketMi PM 2.5 indicator looks like a small box, measuring 62×62×37 mm and weights 100 grams. It can be carried around in a pocket of your jacket. The detector is powered by a 750 mAh battery, which boasts of 2–3 hours of life, enabling to monitor air quality outdoors too.
08:00. A morning walk is one of the best ways to start your day. Take Mi PM2.5 detector with you and be aware of the air quality in your area.
14:00. Do you want to have a tasty snack in one of the bistros nearby? Take a look at the Mi PM2.5 detector to evaluate if the restaurant is well conditioned. Driving a car to meet with client — open a window and let the fresh air in to see how inside air quality changes.
18:00. Packing for a gym — the detector will not take a lot of space in your purse. It will warn of high pollutant concentrations in the gym. Remember, exercises get you breathing heavy, that is why air-quality monitoring equipment at the gym is essential.
OLED-display even darker than blackMi PM 2.5 monitor acquired a high-performance OLED-display, which unlike an ordinary LCD-display is emitting no light at all, contributing to an extended battery life. The black color is also darker — look into the pure black display and see what your imagination is capable of.The following indicators are on the menu:PM2.5 index. The processor analyzes the quantity of the suspended particles in a particular area with a help of sensor and translates it into a value, depicted on the screen.Air quality color code. A short line at the top of the screen has three different colors: green, orange and red, signaling three levels of pollution — optimal, good and poor respectively.Battery charge. The detector is likely to hang out with you all the time, so do not forget to check its battery level. It can be topped up on the go with Xiaomi Power Bank, using USB 2.0 port.Wi-Fi connection. Air pollution indicator runs Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz, having a wide coverage. Its connection with your smartphone or Mi Air Purifier will be excellent from every corner of your apartment.
High-precision laser sensor monitors microscopic world 24 / 7Every day billions of harmful particles are lurking in your home. Air, entering sensor chamber is continuously “sieved” through with a laser, capable of distinguishing impurities of 0.3 μm in size. All the air quality parameters are displayed in real-time on the screen.Internal and external quality as world standards call forIts minimalistic design and functional versatility can be held up as an example. The combination of a tough ABS-plastic chassis and a cosmic black OLED-display suggest reliability and confidence, and laser sensor evokes a sensation of safety and power.
Single button to complete all operationsDespite having a very detailed mechanism, Xiaomi Mi PM 2.5 detector has a simple control system. A single physical button on top can do it all: turn on / off the device, switch between modes to show prompt time and display air quality situation. Bring necessary information to the screen with a slight touch of our fingertip.
Wisdom in small thingsThis small piece of intelligent equipment automatically collects data, rings the alarm in case of poor air quality and adjusts to your style of life.Remote monitoringRunning errands or staying after work with your reports, launch Mi Home app, check air quality in your apartment and start purification before you come home.
Historical dataMi PM 2.5 indicator records daily values of air quality into memory, enabling to view how air quality has changed over a certain period of time.Night modeThe display will accommodate to dim lighting environments, reducing its brightness. It will not irritate your eyes or disturb your sleep.Improve your household environmentMi PM 2.5 monitor gives instant air quality measurements, turning your house into a personal eco-station with Mi Air Purifier behind. Together they will not only protect your family from harmful PM2.5 particles but also keep it safe from formaldehyde, allergens, smoke, chemical substances and dust.Nothing compares to a breath of fresh air!
2017-04-17 00:27:58
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