[Album] [Photography] Redmi Note 4X goes to the park

2017-04-14 23:05:14
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Every Saturday, I try to get some "exercise" in by taking a walk through the park on my way to the swimming pool. Today, I was on a mission. Test out the Redmi Note 4X's camera.

Being on a mission, I sharpened my eyes and saw something familar. A cashew nut. Yep, there was a row of these trees, laden with fruit.

In adequate light the camera does well. However, Xiaomi needs to work on the camera software. There were several photos in whch it chose to use ISO 3200, causing blotchy photos. See if the sharper eyed MIUIers can spot it or not. :)

The dragonfruit trees are blooming again. But sad to say, I have been coming here every weekend for more than 2 years. Never have I been able to see a completely ripened fruit on the plant. Yes, thanks to "gian png" fruit thieves.

A NParks gardener is tending to the plants outside the cafe at the park. I plan to one day apply to work as a gardener for Nparks. Then I can marry my 2 interests. Photography and Plants. Wonder when I can do that, since I am most probably not able to raise a family on a gardener's salary.  

At ISO 100, the Redmi Note 4X takes really decent photos. I can even crop it to a much smaller resolution and the photo still looks good. :)

When I finally arrived at the CC, there were some people painting and having so much family fun. In the shade, the Redmi Note 4X is still a competent shooter. As long as it does not randomly select an ISO that's too high.

This is not taken at the park, but outside the coffeeshop. The Okra (Lady's finger) is perfect for eating. Hope the gardner comes back soon, because they grow really fast. The fruit that is.

After swimming lessons, we headed to the coffeeshop for lunch. Just some simple fare. I can't remember when porridge became my go to food. When I was a kid, I hated lunch, because every day without fail, lunch would be porridge. Somehow, 30 years later, I end up choosing porridge too often for lunch. What an irony! Hahaha!

Some thoughts on the Redmi Note 4X camera. It is a competent shooter in good light. It writes the recorded file rather slowly though. I can see the circle spinning (at the gallery icon at left bottom) after taking a photo. This does not happen on higher end models. Thankfully, shutter lag is non existent on the Redmi Note 4X, so that's a saving grace. Focusing is fast and accurate, except on close-ups. The camera hunts a lot and very often does not get the focussing right. So, you have to be really patient, when taking cloose-up photos. Shift the camera and keep on trying, till the camera gets it right. :)


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2017-04-14 23:05:14
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nice picture.
keep it up
2017-04-14 23:30:32

Master Bunny

allakazoo Author | from Redmi Note 4


nice picture.
keep it up

Thanks for the compliments!
2017-04-14 23:56:03

Semi Pro Bunny

joyce | from mobile


Lovely photos!!! Thanks for sharing! Haha good to see the camera on Redmi 4X is pretty good!
2017-04-15 06:04:56

Master Bunny

allakazoo Author |


joyce replied at 2017-04-15 09:04 PM
Lovely photos!!! Thanks for sharing! Haha good to see the camera on Redmi 4X is pretty good!

It's the same camera module as the Redmi Note 4 (Global). Users in Singapore will be pleased I'm sure.  
2017-04-15 08:11:17
nice picture
2017-04-15 08:29:31

Master Bunny

allakazoo Author | from Redmi Note 4


Ken Kor
nice picture

Thanks for the compliments.
2017-04-15 17:34:54
Not bad for a redmi phone.  I'm able to see the nice bokeh for some of the pics.
2017-04-15 23:50:22
Very nice photos with fine details!
2017-04-16 23:10:34
Once a Mi Fan, always a Mi Fan.

Master Bunny

allakazoo Author |


chongjc replied at 2017-04-16 02:50 PM
Not bad for a redmi phone.  I'm able to see the nice bokeh for some of the pics.

Thanks! :)
2017-04-17 00:49:10

Master Bunny

allakazoo Author |


Xavier Chia replied at 2017-04-17 02:10 PM
Very nice photos with fine details!

Thanks! :) I was quite happy that the "hairy" Okra could be seen clearly.
2017-04-17 00:50:15
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