Didnt know where to put this since there is no section for Mi robot vaccum cleaner in UAE site.

I recently bought the Gen 1 vacuum cleaner for my house (2 bedroom flat). Unfortunately since our building is made of concrete walls, the main wifi signal is limited only to the 1st bedroom. The signal is 0 in the hallway towards the 2nd bedroom which makes my xiaomi go offline. So im unable to dock it and it remains in the position where it lost the signal.
I was wondering if there is anything that can be done to extend/repeat the signal? Would a repeater/extender help since it will ask for a SSID and password, and im guessing the robot vacuum can only be set to use 1 wifi connection, and cannot be setup like mobiles/laptops to automatically connect to other signals when one signal dies?
Or will setting up the repeater/extender with the same SSID and password as my main wifi connection make the robot to change signals automatically when main wifi drops?

I hope my doubt is clear and understandable. Btw, im connected to singapore server as it was indicated as "Recommended" during initial setup. There was a firmware update also which was done.

Any help would be appreciated.