MIUI ROM will undergo major updates annually. Normally the launch event will be held on 16th August and presented by Head of MIUI, Hong Feng. However, with the exception for MIUI 8 as it was introduced on 10th of May 2016 along with Mi Max. Since May is around the corner, there are speculations about MIUI 9 is coming soon. Do note that any release date, eligible devices and features about MIUI 9 posted on tech sites are fake info. MIUI 9 is still being developed and we can't give any timeline for MIUI 9 launch as for now. Please stay tuned on our forum for latest news.
Quote: MIUI 9 will have a lighter ROM compared to current MIUI 8.
Quote: MIUI 9 will remove rarely used features

Our developers never elaborate further about the statements above. What are your thoughts? Do you prefer using  "lighter" MIUI? Which features should be removed or added?