Again a new issue. With only 6 months of usage, this is again one of the new issue in MI 5.
Contacts are getting mixed up. Numbers are getting saved under different contact names automatically. Contact belonging to a different person gets mixed up with someone else contact name.
From the very beginning the Volte does not works even after software upgrade. But the company boasts that MI5 supports VoLTE.
Some of the softwares does not work properly with the device.
I think this the difference between a flagship offered by Reputed brands such as Samsung, and a Chinese brand.
. Really very disappointed. It does not really belongs to a price range of 22K.
Regretting... Should have went for Samsung S7 edge.
Xiaomi is good for low end and low price bracket. Not meant for flagship race.
I also have a gionee S7. The screen of the handset is broken, but I am still using it without any hardship. Using it from the past 2 years and still I have not faced any software issues. That's called a flagship performance.