It's been a while since my last thread, again caught up with other stuff that needs to be done ;)

With all the things that keeps us busy, I take time to catch some photos of how our weekend is despite the five working days that we had.

Here it is:
Our Saturday, September 8, 2018:

Got to catch this, one of the unique style of this mall is having a share of nature within its area

Our lunch (my son's and I) while waiting for Daddy

My boys having a good view of nature

FamSelfie underneath the beautiful tree

That pork rib steak! Amazingly, on their menu it says for serving for one, three of us had a hard time consuming it (except for the rice though) lol!

Note: that plate is big (not your ordinary daily plate)) I didn't get a chance to show how big it is.

Chicken fingers (?) Kinda forgotten the name actually, but if it's that, I wonder how big is that chicken with those kind of fingers.  Hahaha!

Then came the dessert! How tall it is, I don't know but this one's called Milky Way, no wonder how huge it is.

This is where we spent our dinner, the food servings are larger than the usual as you can see on the previous picts. But they actually taste good! No wonder people really had the patience to queue on lines (even us) just to dine in in this resto. A must try, I must say

We weren't able to finish all our dinner (just those 2 platters I posted, against 3 of us, we're no match Lol!) Then the dessert also we just had to take it home :) too sweet also for us.

This was our Meet and Greet last Sunday, September 9, 2018 at Neopolitan, Fairview. Despite the rain we got a good number of attendees.

Glad to see and ride again with these guys, after that rain there goes the sun shining!

My buddy Spitch, happy to have a short but good ride with you :D

Our rides, amazingly parked, with a beautiful background of clear skies and cloud.

Thanks Dad! Happy we're back on the road after months of hiatus.

Now that's how we spend our weekends. Previous one we just stayed home due to the typhoon. Hope, everyone had a great weekend ahead!

All photos are taken by Mi Note 3 and edited thru Adobe Lightroom.

Thanks for dropping by! God bless Mi Community! :)