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Along with well deserved Optimization, improvisation is always expected in every MIUI updates. The release of MIUI 10 has set the parameters to make users satisfied either by its new UI or by the new add-ons.

Notification helps us in Instant access to important and relevant messages/information that makes smartphones so prevalent and clutch in our lives. But if that data is personal, you don’t want it showing up on your lock screen for anyone to peep over and see, or you might feel annoying to receive the notifications again and again. We usually avoid this. With MIUI 10, it now gives you the flexibility to set as per your preference.

How to manage your notifications?
1. From your Home menu, swipe down to view your notification which you want to manage.
2. Now swipe to left to head on to the Settings.

Let's check what we can do?

Turn OFF Notifications instantly
1. Swipe left to the notification which you want to perform this.
2. Now you will observe one Settings Symbol.
3. Tap once where you will get the option to turn off the Notification instantly.
4. You will observe More Settings options which will directly head on to the Settings of the page where you can manage the Notification settings of that particular App as per your preference.

Snooze your notifications
Sometimes you might feel the notification too annoying if you receive them continuosly inbetween some important works you do or you don't want to have some notifications for a limited time. Now with the new settings in MIUI 10, you can snooze your notifications for a limited time as per your preference.
1. Follow the same steps (Step 1) as above.
2. Now tap on the Timer icon .
3. You will receive an option where by default it will snooze notifications for 1 hour.
4. You can set the time as per your preference to 15 min , 30 min or 2 hours.

Note : Click on the UNDO button to cancel Notification snooze.
Thread credit goes to lungkhim7
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