Hello, Mi Fans!
Mastery isn’t perfection, it is the pursuit of perfection. When it comes to Smartphone ROM it’s always about how quickly you can achieve the desired action without wasting time, at MIUI we always strive for better implementation. Quick Silent Switch is a way to accomplish important things much faster, like quickly silence your mobile or put in in DND mode, or schedule it for the desired timeframe.

How to activate
  • Press Volume+ or Volume- button on any screen
  • Press ‘Silent mode’

  • Calls and notifications will be silenced

  • Silence all sounds and turn off vibration except for the alarms

Automatic Schedule Rules
  • You can automatically schedule the silent and DND modes as per the requirement of the time, and it will automatically get activated and deactivated, See in in action below:

How to get the settings for time back?
After setting the time, click on ‘silent mode’ and drop down menu will open then you can change the timeframe or change the mode to DND.
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